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Written By: Angela Winters 

Trey Heath is a 7-year-old, self-taught artist and fashion designer. He started freehand drawing and designing looks on pre-printed croquis at the age of three 3 years-old. He has sold t-shirts displaying his art work and his work is currently on display in studio space at the Pendleton Art Center (PAC) in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Pendleton is the home of the world’s largest collection of artists under one roof.

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Model Name: Trey Heath
Parent Name: Earnest & Monae Heath
Child's Age: 7

Fashion Gxd Magazine List any credential's your child has – Trey’s art work and design sketches are on display in studio space at the Pendleton Art Center (PAC) in Cincinnati, Ohio. The PAC is the home of the world’s largest collection of artists under one roof.  

Fashion Gxd Magazine: What inspired your child? – Trey is inspired by all things aesthetically pleasing and creative in nature. He has a natural eye for detail which has been evident since he first started freehand drawing and fashion designing on pre-printed croquis at the age of 3.

Fashion Gxd Magazine: How would you describe your child's personality? Trey is exuberant, intelligent and charismatic. He is a natural “people person” due to his inquisitive nature. He is mature beyond his years and has an innate ability to find something in common with everyone he meets in order to give himself the opportunity to make a connection for further engagement.  Trey is an exceptional 7-year-old midwestern boy; his talents and interest lie in unconventional areas. His personality is infectious, and he projects such a level of self-assuredness, that he causes others to embrace and celebrate his uniqueness.

Fashion Gxd Magazine: What are some quotes Regarding Equality? Trey routinely speaks about equality of opportunity and the freedom to just BE. As a young African-American male with an enthusiasm for design, he often finds himself challenging gender norms when engaging with his peers as well as adults. Ralph Marston is quoted as having said “Your goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality.” As Trey’s parents, we teach him to navigate the world in such a way that he fully embraces his individuality and doesn’t allow the doubtful eyes of others to pollute his vision of, or for, himself. Self-doubt is an insurmountable enough beast for most people to conquer on its own without compounding it with antiquated ideals about what people can and should be or do.

Fashion Gxd Magazine: Where do you see your Child in five years? During a parent/teacher conference, his preschool teacher said “Aren’t you excited to see what his future holds? I see him becoming a 13-year-old entrepreneur one day”. If you take an opportunity to engage with him for a moment, no doubt you’ll understand exactly where her enthusiasm, and ours as his parents, comes from. In five years, we see Trey having further solidified his artistic style and growing in his craft. Trey sets his sights for himself and his future very high. Since the age of 5, when people asked Trey if he wanted to be a fashion designer one day, he would correct them to say that he IS a fashion designer. His ultimate goal is to walk with other celebrities while they walk red carpets in his creations.

Fashion Gxd Magazine: What Does Your child do for fun? Aside from drawing and designing in his free time, Trey has been practicing Martial Arts since January of 2017. He started with Karate and then transitioned to Kung Fu/Wushu. He practices for two hours a night, three nights a week, and is working on his green belt. Since August of 2017, Trey has also been learning to speak Mandarin Chinese on Sundays at a local University.