Ethan and Aidan Shaw For Fashion Gxd Magazine , Gxd Kids Feature

Written By : Angela Winters 


Ethan and Aidan Shaw


Model Name: Ethan and Aidan Shaw

Parent Name: Tobina Sharples and Robert Shaw

Childs Age: 9

Fashion Gxd Magazine :How Long has Your Child been modeling? Since they were 3 months old.

Fashion Gxd Magazine List any credential's your child has : Won 2nd place in a national chess tournament. Their soccer team came in 2nd place for the championship game.

Fashion Gxd Magazine : What inspired your child? Both are inspired by their talented older brother (Isaiah ig: Isaiah_shaww) who is a freshman at SCAD studying animation design. They admire his fearlessness and determination to succeed.

Fashion Gxd Magazine: How would you describe your child's personality? Ethan is quiet and Aidan is outgoing which makes the perfect balance. Both are creative, funny and intelligent.

Fashion Gxd Magazine :What are some quotes Regarding Equality? "No one should be treated different because we are all the same." "I don't see color just my friends that want to have fun." "You know someone is your friend if their share. Sharing is caring." - Quotes from Ethan and Aidan

Fashion Gxd Magazine :Where do you see your Child in five years? I see my children evolving into distinct young men following their dreams. I want them to enjoy each age and not have to grow up too quickly. This year they have started their own lego building business and hopefully will utilize that along with their robotic skills to create something everlasting.

Fashion Gxd Magazine: Why is your Child's "Black Beautiful" ? My children are black beautiful because nothing can hold them back. They are confident, bold, kind and simply beautiful. Their black radiance and energy can be felt from miles away. The way they talk and carry themselves exudes a distinct level of pure love.

Fashion Gxd Magazine : What Does Your child do for fun? Ethan and Aidan are Master lego builders and future soccer legends. They also like to sing karaoke, dance to all types of music, go the beach and build robotics. They're latest adventure is figuring out the rubik's cube.



Parents ig: 2bina_

Kids ig: theshaw_twins