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Written By : Angela Winters



Journie Bell

The Princess of Modeling 

Journie Bell is an 8 year old actress, model, dancer, and Entrepreneur from Houston, Tx. Journie successfully launched her brand Jewelbox by Journie B,  a dancer with 2Xclusive Performing Arts, and has filmed two short films, along with modeling for various brands. 

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Model Name: Journie Bell

Parent Name: Danielle Bell

Childs Age:  8

Fashion Gxd Magazine :How Long has Your Child been modeling ? Journie has been modeling since the age of 5.

Fashion Gxd Magazine List any credential's your child has: Journie has modeled for designers, Monbebe Lagos, YS Clothier, Doll Cake, Belle & Kai, Frilly Frocks, and Adrianna Ostrowska. Journie has also filmed two short films, “Beast Factor” and “In My Own Backyard”, Two Music videos, “Bellion Boss – Donald Trump” and 2Xclusive Performing Arts Summer Dance Camp Music Video,  and owns her own company Jewel Box by Journie B.

Fashion Gxd Magazine : What inspired your child ? Journie’s love for fashion, jewelry, cosmetics and her love for being able to shine through her talents.

Fashion Gxd Magazine: How would you describe your child's personality? Journie has a bubbly, outgoing, carefree, lovable and caring personality. Journie has won a Caring Kid Award, Amazing Youth Award, and the Houston Kiddo Award.

Fashion Gxd Magazine :Where do you see your Child in five years ? Continuing to progress in her talents as an actress, dancer, student, and business owner.

Fashion Gxd Magazine: Why is your Child's "Black Beautiful" ? Because of my diverse ethnic background, my lighter skin makes her unique and beautiful.

Fashion Gxd Magazine : What Does Your child do for fun ? She likes to make slime, paint, sing, swim, and enjoy family time. She also likes to give back and help others.


Photo Credits to Sanguine Portritur , Heart of Belle Photography , Anthem in Ar

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