Isma'eel Garfield for Fashion Gxd Magazine , Gxd Kids Feature

Written by : Angela Winters 

Name: Isma'eel Garfield
Age: 12
Parent's name: Anisah Bright
He has been modeling for 4 years.
Has walked the NYFW runway, and has done print modeling for YummyCute clothing line. His love of art inspired him to join the fashion and acting industry. Socially, he has been described as energetic, extremely positive, dramatic, and animated; loved by whomever encounters him. His views on equality are, "I don't care that people are different; nice people are good people, and I like good people." I believe he will be a very successful advocate for Autism, model and actor; in five years. He also enjoys learning about animals for fun (and watching B movies involving sharks)
Instagram page: themodel_ismaeel