Fashion Gxd Magazine presents Up Next with Celebrity Photographer Notorious Nez CEO OF Notorious Photos

Written By Samantha Cee


When Nez got discovered by Tanisha Thomas from Bad Girl’s Club to become their personal photographer for the clothing brand “Plush” in 2013, little did he know that he has begun his journey into becoming a renowned photographer and since then he has decided not to turn back. Nez is a consummate photographer who works with passion and resourcefulness in creating visual memories that delights the world.

Inspired by his wife & youngest daughter He is a whiz when it comes to picturing the beauty, strength, style, and enthusiasm of people. In his career years he worked with prominent role models in the fashion and entertainment sector. He was the photographer and videographer with the talents at Oxygen Network on Bad Girl’s club. Shortly after that, Nez moved to VH1, where he worked with Tara from Love and Hip hop New York. His outstanding skills in photography got Denise from Black Ink to introduce him to Pilar Scratch for a cover shoot with Eden Duncan Smith for Fashion GXD. This proves to be a rousing showcase of the artist’s talent as he was appointed the official photographer & videographer for Fashion GXD. At the moment, Nez works with Notorious Photos. Whenever he picks up a camera, there’s no limit to his flair.