Fashion Gxd Magazine presents "Up Next " with River Mason Eromosele Co-Starring on " Evil Lives Here " For Investigation Discovery Channel

Written By: Samantha CEE

Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist Pilar Scratch son , River Mason Eromosele is definitely a break out star in 2019 . This year has been an amazing year for child actor , River Mason Eromosele . He is the famed son of one of NYC favorite celebrity mothers , Pilar Scratch . River Mason the Nigerian- American right year ol has been making his television splash since debuting on Fox Dr. Oz . Following in his famed mothers footsteps hes securing the bag all 2019. Landing a spot in John Legend “ Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas “ video . Now , River is shining bright on Investigation Discovery Channel (I.D. Channel )taking on the role of the Kabib son . A role in which was highly graphic as much as it is emotional . River Mason embodied the essence of his role . Take a look below from some social media post of his debut :