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Fashion Gxd Maagzine Highlights - Adara Online 4 out of 5 Stars for their product review . Find out why this innovative boutique is taking the internet by storm . 

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Mz. Pink Cosmetics Hightlight With Fashion Gxd Magazine

Written By : Samantha Cee

Stumbling across Instagram our EIC Pilar Scratch came across the wonderful page of Mz. Pink Cosmeticswhich  is a home-based, all natural lip product company.  The Cosmetic line speciality is  lip balm, lipstick, lip scrubs, and they're currently  working on a lip gloss line.   these products are manufactured r from ingredients like beeswax, castor oil and coconut oil.  Mz. Pink cosmetics mereged the business  idea  from her  struggle with eczema and allergies as child that affected whatproducts she I could put on her lips Often , products would burn her and leave her with scabs ...turning her pain into business, and incooperating her favorite color **Pink **..... Mz. Pink Cosmetics was born . awesome is that !!!

People should purchase this brand in my opinion , not only is it all natural , fresh , but its made from devotion ..and improves your lip health.

Instagram : @pinkbeautybrowqueen

Facebook : Pink Beauty Makeup Artist


Fricaine Shoulder Bag



My amazing FashionGxd's over at Fricaine handbags recently sent e a Bride Shoulder bag. This Gxdly product is absolutely amazing . Its the perfect combination of High fashion merged with causal chic. This product was perfect for my travels during my hosting of Philadelphia fashion Week  and my photo shoot .

 This Fricane is my new favorite shoulder bag and accessorizes perfectly with any chic all black outfit

Discount Code :Fricane30

Twitter & Instagram : @ Fricaine_Brand 


Do you love taking glamorous shots of yourself???

Well dare to be jealous 

 Had the chance to try out this amazing product  ..Sent over from our amazing friends  At SelfieStick4less... from

photo by:

photo by:

its a traditional selfie stick that assist when your t shy to ask a random stranger for a glam shot with your bestie . i personally took a few flicks with my son , River Mason , and it did justice . the SelfieStick4less is my absolute favorite product selling for $12.99 and is for both androids and iphones 

For Android and Iphones

Email: selfiesticks4less@gmail

8am-5pm text or call 305-417-8387 Order updates not on IG. $12.99 👆

Instagram : @SelfieStick4Less