Void Photography Highlight with Fashion Gxd Magazine

Written By: Samantha Cee

Recently , took the time out to review this amazing emerging company based out in Virginia with some amazingly gifted and talent photographers.

VOID is an acronym that's stands for "Voicing Opinions In Disguise". Viod  pride ourselves in Creative & Conceptual Photography, Runway & Studio Modeling, and they're currently making ventures into the fashion industry. Void is based in Woodbridge, VA, SE Washington DC, and Greenbelt, MD. As the founder.

There Founder Will  hold myself responsible for the success of all of my members, which include an Assistant Photographer, a manager, personal relations agent, and 4 Runway/Studio models. Over the past few months Impressively void has collaborated with brands such as Golden Boy Press, Novice Magazine, and The Sole Survivors, which are all online blogging sites that are responsible for the exposure and popularization of a lot of local talent, and have all contributed to the success of my company so far.


The Founder Will  believes that people should come to VOID Shots for all of their photographic needs because we are very flexible and business oriented. We have experience Ina wide variety of fields, including Concert photography and Real Estate, and we're always learning and growing in our brand and craft daily, so if there's something that we CANT do, trust and believe that we will learn and master it specifically

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