Inspiring Lives with "Queens Lyfe Cosmetics" for Fashion Gxd Magazine

QueensLyfe Cosmetics was founded by Gina Hepburn. Born and raised in Connecticut. This brand was created to encourage people to challenge and defy traditional beauty standards. Gina wants people to express their individuality through her products. Her daughter inspired her  to create Queens Lyfe Cosmetics and Gina and her family continues to be her motivation to bring this business straight to the top. Originally started by making lipsticks in her kitchen for fun with her daughter, she then got the wonderful idea to monetize and start a brand that people can relate too. Gina's goal is to bridge the gap between high quality and affordability.  Our products are affordable for anyone who is a makeup enthusiast. Her brand  offers a range of different makeup products that are bold and vibrant in color and will accent any skin tone. Take a look at our exclusive interview with the rising beauty brand below!
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