Inspiring Lives with "Childress Group LLC" CEO For Fashion Gxd Magazine

Written by: Samantha Cee

This week we sat down with the amazing brand Childress Group LLC. Childress Group LLC is a conflict resolution firm specializing in domestic and civil mediation; contracts, tax debt and workplace negotiations; and workplace mediation for individuals and small businesses. IAmYaminah Inc, is the social enterprise behind the business where I empower and support women, entrepreneurs, and youth in personal and professional development through business startup services, community service, cultural awareness, empowerment conferences, and legal conflict resolution. Take a look at our exclusive interview below :

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Childress Group LLC

FGM: It’s an honor to sit down with you all. Tell us a little about your brand and how you've come to this vastly successful peek in your career.

Answer: Hello! First, I have to say I am a proud mom of 4 children, 3 daughters and one son, they are a part of my brand. I’m also a social entrepreneur and have started a social enterprise, where my business and brand collide for good. Childress Group LLC is a conflict resolution firm that serves clients across the country. We specialize in domestic and civil mediation, contracts, tax debt, and workplace negotiations, and financial arbitration in-person and virtually. IAmYaminah Inc., is the brand behind Childress Group where I mentor young women from around the world, help entrepreneur’s start their legally sound businesses, and host empowerment and success conferences for women.

FGM: Who are the clients/what are the projects that you most enjoy working on?

Answer: My clients range from other small businesses to individuals. I most enjoy working with young women who are finding their way personally and professionally, and Black Entrepreneurs because my mission is to help 100 Black Entrepreneurs start their businesses by the end of 2020.

FGM: How do you feel you make a difference in the world?

Answer: Through my business I like to think that I make a positive impact on the world. I currently mentor young women in the USA, Uganda and Kenya. Through this mentor and fellowship program I help them start their own social enterprises or nonprofits, develop their leadership skills, and work on personal development.

My Break Down & Boss Up Conference is in its 6th year and scheduled for Chicago and Atlanta in July and August of this year. During this conference, I work to connect women with their purpose both personally and professionally with the help of some dynamic speakers. I also honor those women that have made great strides in their personal and/or professional lives. Over the past 6 years I have had the pleasure of working with and meeting over 500 women through this conference.

I also founded a nonprofit, the Dream It Forward Foundation where we mentor match, have served over 50,000 free summer meals to children 18 years and younger and have given over 1000 gifts to single-mothers and their children for Christmas. My life’s purpose is to support my people and the communities I live and work.

FGM: Tell us about a time when you showed determination to continue as an entrepreneur

Answer:  In 2011 I started law school, and during law school we were contracted not to work full-time jobs. I was a part-time entrepreneur, but because I was a law student and single-mom of three at that time, I was determined to continue as an entrepreneur and also do it full-time. It was a lot of work juggling school full-time, 3 children, and building a business with little funding and solo, but I made it work.

FGM: Give me the three best qualities of your brand

Answer:  Integrity, professionalism, and working for the good of others.

FGM: Give me an example of when you worked irregular hours?  

Answer:  Everyday! I literally work as needed, days, nights or weekends. I have, however learned to put the work down at a certain hour so that I can rest and recover.

FGM: Being an entrepreneur is a 24/7 job, how did you get ready for that?   

Answer:  I tell people all the time that I just do it. I can’t think about everything I have to do because I’d overwhelm myself. I just get it done.

FGM: How did you acquire the ability to work under pressure to beat meet deadlines as an entrepreneur?  

Answer:  I think I’ve always been a procrastinator (unfortunately), so working under pressure and pushing out great results come naturally. Having three degrees, school has also helped me work well under pressure, and so has life experiences.

FGM: What is your favorite inspirational point, place, to develop new brand developments?

Answer:  Don’t laugh but I develop brand ideas in my sleep. Almost every idea I’ve come up with has come to me in my sleep and then I wake up and take action.

FGM: Which current public figure, are you inspired by or appreciate the most?  

Answer:  I am a true Angela Rye fan. She has a legal background like I do, and she is passionate about advocating for people, which is something I truly respect.

FGM: How do you handle stress?  

Answer:  I have learned to walk away and say no. I schedule days off for myself, vacations, and just meditation moments in order to keep my stress at a minimum.

FGM: What are the three qualities you feel an entrepreneur must have?

Answer:  Tough skin, hard-work and passion.

FGM:  Where do you see your business in 10 years? How do you plan to get there?

Answer: I see myself expanding the Childress Group to a full-service conflict resolution practice and training institute for small business owners. I plan to get there by continuing to look at business trends, restructuring as necessary, building strategic partnerships and continuing to put in the work.

FGM: It was a pleasure speaking with you thank you for joining us

Answer:  Thank you, it has been a pleasure!