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Written By: Samantha CEE

This week we sat  down with the amazing brand taking over . Nerdz Noir provides a way for Blerds, Nerds, Geeks, and Gamers to show their pride in what they enjoy . Nerdz Noir taking the nation by storm . We at Fashion Gxd Magazine obtained an exclusive interview . Check out the interview below :

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FGM: Its an honor to sit down with you all . Tell us a little about your brand and how you've come to this vastly successful peek in your career .

Answer: Nerdz Noir was created because I found a crazy amount of Blerd (Black Nerd) Communities and felt that Blerds need a brand that can offer a way to show their pride whether it’s a coffee mug or a dope hoodie.

FGM: Who are the clients/what are the projects that you most enjoy working on?

Answer: The Blerd community is who we market towards. We are open to anybody who can identify on any level of geek, nerd, and gamer.

FGM: How do you feel you make a difference in the world?

Answer: Shows like Big Bang Theory show how accepting the world is of nerds, geeks, and gamers Nerdz Noir’s purpose is to have a brand that we can unite behind to proudly show what we enjoy.

FGM: Tell us about a time when you showed determination  to continue as an entrepreneur 

Answer:  Right now! “I’m fighting for my life!!” poor joke but seriously I have plenty of days with no transactions. Days where I get down but I remember what my father would tell me all the time, “Every day is not a payday.” I am learning to fall in love with the grind/process.

 FGM: Give me the three best qualities of your brand 

Answer: We are fun, full of conversation pieces, and love what we do!

FGM: Give me an example of when you worked irregular hours?  

Answer:  Every day is full of irregular hours clocking in at the 8-5 then spending time with my wife and kids often has me working from 8pm to 1 or 2 in the morning.

FGM: Being a entrepreneur  is a 24/7 job, how did you get ready for that?   

Answer:  Since I was a kid I knew the power of hustling whether it was selling candy or converting videos to mp4’s for iPod videos. So I am always looking at random ideas that can lead to growth and profit. I have so many notepads, post it notes, and journals all over the place so I can write down ideas that pop up.

FGM: How did you acquire the ability to work under pressure to beat meet deadlines as a entrepreneur ?  

Answer:  Goal Setting Goal Setting Goal Setting! A friend of mine showed me a technique called power goals; basically you set goals for the mandatory things that need to get done in order for you to win the day!

FGM: What is your favorite inspirational point, place, to develop new brand developments?

Answer:  Honestly I keep journals on me all the time because they come to me randomly. I’m inspired by the beauty of everything.

FGM: Which current public figure, are you inspired by or appreciate the most?  

Answer:  GaryVee he helped me to be fully ok with who I am and not give a crap about what people think of me.

How do you handle stress ?  

Answer:  Mainly talking it out with my wife, reading, video games, music, meditation, taking my shoes off and watering my grass.

FGM: What are the three qualities you  feel an entrepreneur must have ?

Answer:  Action Taker, knowledge seeker, and learn to embrace change

FGM:  Where do you see your business in 10 years ?How do you plan to get there ?

Answer: Nerdz Noir will be a brand that sponsors artist, gamers, and content creators all over the world while also giving scholarships to those who wish to pursue a career in those fields. My plan to get there is to build this brand to the point of a household name(Social media and Influencers), then generate the revenue needed to accomplish these goals.

FGM: It was a pleasure speaking with you thank you for joining us 

Answer:  Thank you so much for the opportunity this has truly been a blessing!