Inspiring Lives with "Sage Credit Repair (CEO) " with Fashion Gxd Magazine

Written By: Samantha Cee

This month we sat down with rising entrepreneur sweeping the east coast . Here’s our exclusive interview with the phenomenal business owner . My name is Jill K Rivera, born and raised in NY.  I started Sage Credit Repair LLC. January 2018. I wanted a name that offered good energy, Sage is used to clear negative energy and it was a win for me. I have been a Credit Repair Specialist over 10 years.  I put starting my own business on hold as I explored other ventures. On a random day in January 2018 I was sitting at work searching other credit repair services in today’s market and I was flabbergasted, thinking wow credit repair has become so expensive it’s no wonder people are in such debt. My thoughts were this industry needed something fresh, something fair.  It motivated me to get back to what I really enjoyed the most out of all the business adventures I've had. I sat back and thought now, how can I really save people money? Credit repair paper work is overwhelming and so much goes into the work that is needed to succeed, you have to get facts and try to get the full story on why someone has a negative account on their report, you then have to collect all documents to dispute the negative items, beat the creditors at the false remarks they send top the Bureaus weather it be,  late payments, collection, Bankruptcies and more on out end we would work hard to have each items removed that can keep a clients credit score down and help them get a desirable score of no less than 650 and up.... I was excited to start a credit repair business and separate our approach from the rest of the industry. I also noticed many of these companies were charging for a consultation, I thought WHAT? (this is supposed to be a free service in most businesses) or they call it a “set up fee” and with that they also charge a high monthly premium.  Hey if it works for them go on with it. People with bad credit usually don’t have the means to pay what these services require for an upfront cost and so we wanted to offer for One, a long-term credit restoration services program and Two, cut the price in half. Over all premiums go for $75 to $125 a month this is a yearly bill of $900 to over a $1500 that seemed overwhelming to me, most can not keep up after 3rd or 4th payment... I decided I would go ahead and start a business that can help people without breaking bank and give them long term goals on rebuilding and restoring their credit profile and most importantly being fair to people who are already not financially ready to pay out these types of premiums.


Inspiring Lives with Sage Credit Repair

written by Samantha CEE

Fashion Gxd Magazine: What was the start of your journey in the Credit Repair industry.

Sage Credit Repair (CEO): I started my credit repair journey with a company called Eddie Credit his business was featured all over hot 97, back in year 2007 to 2011.  I was amazed at the calls that were flooding in daily. I thought, People really need credit repairing. I was personally trained by the owner for weeks and eventually became the Credit Repair Specialist/Sales Office manager,  all documents, personal information etc… were prepared and secured by me. I also managed a team of 7 sales professionals on the sales floor. I was so new in this field, not realizing how important credit was myself, so at the same time I was learning how to improve my own Credit Reports along with friends-family members and I never stopped, I had continued helping people through the years, thereafter.  

Fashion Gxd Magazine: How do you find people who need improvement on their Credit Reports and convince them to care about their reports as much as Sage Credit Repair does?

Sage Credit Repair (CEO): I have a lot of associates in the realtor industry, car sales reps etc…  my approach is to give people the education and facts on building a good Credit history. The importance of good Credit and the doors it can open, such as buying cars, furniture, home buying, landing a job and more... I realized people needed help and guidance, once I approach someone and they are ready they will find me after our first initial meeting. Its all about listening in sales you talk so much, you must be able to listen, what are peoples needs, where do they need to be short or long-term.  Once they understand I’m with them not against them, our clients work harder than we do at Sage Credit Repair to get their credit back on track. We have some of the best clients, some of our clients struggle with keeping things in order but we push them via text, email or call ins consistently. I give my clients the credit for the work they put in when building and keeping good credit comes in play. I motivate people and that's what keeps them on their toes.

Fashion Gxd Magazine: What do people need to know about the Credit Repair process?

Sage Credit Repair (CEO): First and Foremost, costumers need to obtain their Credit Reports so they know where they stand financially today, this will determine if they need repairing or rebuilding on their credit files.  Many people don’t know about the 3 major credit bureaus Equifax, Experian and Transunion. Not to mention the countless others. But the focus here is the 3 major ones I just mentioned, they are the "MAJOR" agencies. Most don't know, All three reports are offered for Free once a year at AnnualCreditReport.comor simply sign up for a monitoring service for a 30-day free trail and they may cancel before the 30 days is up without getting charged, they can just print all 3 major reports and forward to us for a free consultation. Again, once a client obtains these reports simply cancel the 30-day free trial monitoring system.  


Fashion Gxd Magazine: What is the process at Sage Credit Repair and how can someone join the Yearly Membership?

Sage Credit Repair (CEO): Our motto is to give our clients the financial freedom they deserve.  Our system is simple we offer our clients a consistent monthly dispute on negative remarks and trade lines on all three reports. Our program is for one year we’ve cut the cost in half compared to credit repair companies such as Lexington Law, and more...

Our goal is to offer everything in one package and give people the opportunity to pay in installments. Sage Credit Repairs formula was set up to help many, for one to help people not break bank and two our Yearly Membership keep them in the program for 12 months, we send out disputes monthly until we successfully reach the goals of our clients. All this information can be found on our site

Fashion Gxd MagazineWhat would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur ?

Sage Credit Repair (CEO): Consistency is major, if we advise our clients about each step such as forwarding any documents etc... and they fail to follow the process the program fails them.  Our job is to be on top of each client and consistently remind them, we do this about 30 times a day. It’s repetitive work but must be done.

2. Building trust, we must build trust because we are not only your Advisor at this point, we become “YOU” behind the scene. Any information left out could result in “no results”.  I build trust by being consistent and understanding of each of client’s needs.

3. Word of Mouth. Building a business means doing the right thing and when you help others word of mouth is how we keep busy, we offer an awesome referral program, our clients can save money ($50) off their payment or receive a check whatever their preference, for each signed on client they refer they can save big. That’s how we stay in business, most companies offer $10 or $20 for referrals we wanted to do better and believe in giving back fairly.

Fashion Gxd Magazine: If you had the chance to start your career over again, what would you do differently?

Sage Credit Repair (CEO): I started my career as a Make Up Artist and worked with some of the best such as, photographers and models to name a few  Felix Natal Jr feat on Love and Hip Hop, actresses Christine Evangelista from the show The Arrangement, reality stars Florina Kaja, Jenn Pinto and fashion shows for Apple Bottom that included Eva from the next top Model now on Housewives of Atlanta and more... I fell out of love with the industry because well, let’s just say I’ve seen it all behind the scenes...  I was always a hustler with ambition. I would say, I wish I would have dived right into the Credit Repair business the moment I learned the process and not be so determined to focus on other options in between the time. I always knew I’d come back to this career but not until I had my daughter did I mark my territory in this industry. I’m happy for all I’ve learned in between but if I could change it all I would have put all my energy into having my own business early on in life.  So hence my experiences are exactly why I got in the business of helping people get in better conditions financially because I’ve been there and I wish someone would have shown me how without trying to put a bigger hole in my purse.

Fashion Gxd Magazine: What motivates you?

Sage Credit Repair (CEO):My 2-year-old and my family. I have 3 siblings and my mom who was a single mother since I was 9 when my father passed away.  They inspired me every step of the way, I look up to them although I’m the oldest. I didn’t have a silver spoon in my mouth as they say but my mom did her best to keep us clothes and fed.  Seeing her as my role model and being so strong alone, I know I can reach the stars with the tools she gave me. My daughter is the reason for me wanting to start Sage Credit Repair because I want her to know whatever she dreams of in this world, she can have, she just has to work a little harder and all her dreams will become reality.  

Fashion Gxd Magazine : Where you see yourself and your business in 10 years? 20 years?

Sage Credit Repair (CEO): I see myself as an established Entrepreneur with a company that offers communities jobs and future opportunity to open their own Credit Repair company.  I see myself being respected for truly helping people rather than worrying about the money they bring. I want people to feel that my presence was a present and that I gave them the key to maintaining a positive financial report within their lives.  I see myself Happy to be part of their journey and hopefully changing lives a day at a time.

Fashion Gxd Magazine: Any Advice to our young Entrepreneurs?

Sage Credit Repair (CEO):  I’d say go for it all, try everything in business that is presented to you and find what you love to do. Don’t be so anxious to succeed, you will when your time is just your time.  Hustle, Network and Learn so you know what your talking about in your field. Find your medium, don’t just go with the trends create your own and once you put your foot on the right platform, you will be a success.