Inspiring Lives with " Bad Clothes Company " CEO Dandrell Scott For Fashion Gxd Magazine

Written By : Samantha Cee

This month we at Fashion Gxd Magazine , took an exclusive journey with the innovate brand Bad Clothes Company . The new brand is sweeping the nation with its fresh style and eccentric outlook on fashion .Bad Clothes Company  is a  streetwear brand that appeals to the humorists in all of us! Founded in 2017 by Dandrell Scott, “Bad Clothes Company” looks to make your t-shirts comical and lighthearted! The name itself, "Bad Clothes," derives from the carefree, obscene humor of urban culture. Which is grasping major attention from heavy hitters like our editor in chief , Pilar Scratch . Take a look at our exclusive interview with the rising brand that is sure to cause a fashion epidemic in 2018 . 

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All photo rights reserved to Bad Clothes Company , LLC 

All photo rights reserved to Bad Clothes Company , LLC 


Fashion Gxd Magazine: How did the idea for your business come about?

Dandrell Scott (Bad Clothes Company):  As a comedian, we love selling merch after our comedy shows. Normally, the audience can buy a t-shirt with our logo or catchphrase. But I thought to myself, “What if I sold shirts with funny messages on them?  Things that urban people joked about, but weren’t sold in mainstream stores.  Almost like a wearable meme.” Consequently, I formed a t-shirt company and named it “Bad Clothes.” I knew people would get offended with some of my tees, but my core audience would love it.

Fashion Gxd Magazine: How do you find people to bring into your organization that truly care about the organization the way you do?

Dandrell Scott (Bad Clothes Company):  Honestly, I tap into the brains and resources of my close friends.  They care about my business, because rightfully they care about me.  With that said, I utilize the people around me for pivotal roles, like models, photographers, concept creators, etc.

Fashion Gxd Magazine:  What three pieces of advice would you give to other children  who want to become entrepreneurs?

Dandrell Scott (Bad Clothes Company): For one thing, find something that you’re passionate about.  Secondly, seek the knowledge needed for that passion.  You don’t always have to go to college to learn things that make your passion grow.  We live in the digital age, where every piece of information is obtainable (even if it’s on YouTube or Google). Finally, stick with that passion!  It might take time for the success or accolades to come, and no one knows when that time will be.  But if you keep working at it, I guarantee your success will flourish!

Fashion Gxd Magazine:  If you had the chance to start your career over again, what would you do differently?

Dandrell Scott (Bad Clothes Company):  I wouldn’t change a thing! Everything happens for a reason, so there’s no need to restart it.

Fashion Gxd Magazine:  What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur ?

Dandrell Scott (Bad Clothes Company):  Perseverance, thinking outside the box, and knowledge.

Fashion Gxd Magazine:  What have been some of your failures, and what have you learned from them?

Dandrell Scott (Bad Clothes Company):  My biggest failure is believing I can accomplish everything alone.  I’ve come to realize you need people in your corner, whether it’s professionally or mentally.  Even if it’s just one person to brainstorm with, people are needed for your own growth.

Fashion Gxd Magazine:  How many hours do you work a day on average?

Dandrell Scott (Bad Clothes Company):  It can range from 2 to 10 hours.  It depends on what’s needed for that particular day.

Fashion Gxd Magazine:  Describe/outline your typical day?

Dandrell Scott (Bad Clothes Company):  A typical day consists of coming up with shirt ideas, creating those ideas with the graphic design software, having shirts printed, scheduling photography hours, creating spreadsheets, organizing marketing campaigns, and updating the website.

Fashion Gxd Magazine: How has being an entrepreneur affected your family life?

Dandrell Scott (Bad Clothes Company):  It’s very hard!  As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly working on your business, because your business is your life!  Dating and relationships become hard because your significant other might not understand your determination.  I’m trying to improve in that area.  I get so focused that I shut out my loved ones, and that’s not good.

Fashion Gxd Magazine:  What motivates you?

Dandrell Scott (Bad Clothes Company):  My daughter, Danae.  When she was born, I knew I wanted to make her life easier than mine.  Therefore, I created a business with the sole intent of passing it down to her.  Keep that generational wealth going!

Fashion Gxd Magazine:  How do you generate new ideas?

Dandrell Scott (Bad Clothes Company):  I pay close attention to the culture.  I just observe what people find funny, and turn that into a t-shirt concept, with my own little twist.

Fashion Gxd Magazine:  What sacrifices have you had to make to be a successful entrepreneur?

Dandrell Scott (Bad Clothes Company):  A personal life! Hahaha!  Being an entrepreneur takes a lot of time out of your day.  You can’t hang out like you used to.  But I don’t mind sacrificing my time for work, because I enjoy the work.

Fashion Gxd Magazine:  Where you see yourself and your business in 10 years? 20 years?

Dandrell Scott (Bad Clothes Company):  Right now, Bad Clothes Company is available online at Sears and Amazon.  Within the next 10 years, I see my clothing brand in physical store locations, with t-shirt, hats, hoodies, and mugs on the shelves. That 10 year vision would also include a Chicago office, dozens of billboards, celebrity endorsements, and a charity (where shirt proceeds would go to people in need).  In 20 years, I can see my offspring running the company.  They can solidify collaborations with other brands like Nike, and possibly create a funny, stylish sneaker.  That would be dope!  I believe the company would grow with a staff of designers, marketing personnel, and interns.  As for me personally, I’ll be wealthy, famous, and happily married, living comfortably from my other comedy ventures!