Inspiring Lives with "Sweet Growth " For Fashion Gxd Magazine "Inspiring Lives "

Written By : Samantha Cee 

Sweet Growth is a black owned custom hat business. By a young black girl who loves art and is using her skills to show off. Hats with color, hand sewn patches and drawings. Hats that you may not see at a store but to be set apart from everyone else. Take a look at our exclusive interview with the rising brand . 

Instagram : @SweetGrowth and  @aye_vvuuuuu


The Beatles hat... Is all paint and hand sewn patch & drawn no stencil

Image By :Sweet Growth


Fashion Gxd Magazine : How did the idea for your business come about? 

Sweet Growth: The idea came along last year when I had asked my little sister if she wanted a hat. I was already looking for creative ways on how to make it look cool so I ordered art supplies(dye), a couple of hats and patches just to start. At first it was "Oh I'm just doing this for my sister " but took it up a notch and really started to enjoy making hats. An thought well I could use drawing and sewing skills as well. I didn't think I was any good until I showed a couple people friends an family they told me to keep up at it and that they liked it.  

Fashion Gxd Magazine : How do you find people to bring into your organization that truly care about the organization the way you do? 

Sweet Growth:  The way I bring people into my organization is through social media and by word of mouth. 

 Fashion Gxd Magazine : What three pieces of advice would you give to other childrenwho want to become entrepreneurs? 

Sweet Growth: The three pieces of advice I would give to other young entrepreneurs are to one write out a plan, second it's ok to start a project and fail at it. Just keep trying or try something that you're good at. Lastly believe in yourself and trust the process. 

Fashion Gxd Magazine :If you had the chance to start your career over again, what would you do differently? 

Sweet Growth: If I had the chance to start over I would have trusted my gut instead if doing something that was a waste of time.  

Fashion Gxd Magazine :What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur ? 

Sweet Growth: The three top skills to be an entrepreneur is to have ambition, skills at the craft & patience. 

Fashion Gxd Magazine :What have been some of your failures, and what have you learned from them? 

Sweet Growth:  One of the failures I've had was when I started fixing phones. That was a big mistake lol. I knew what I was doing but wasn't taking the time to develop the craft of fixing phones. I've learned that it takes time to develop at something. Even if you know something or know of it you still have to go back and practice to get good at it. 

Fashion Gxd Magazine : How many hours do you work a day on average? 

Sweet Growth:  I spend roughly around 4 hours or a couple days on a hat. Depending on whats needed to be done to the hat and if my schedule is free from work. 

Fashion Gxd Magazine :Describe/outline your typical day? 

Sweet Growth:   A typical (off) day would be waking up and coming up with ideas that I want to do on a hat. Whether if it's painting it, bleaching, dying it or sewing a patch on it. The finding the right playlist to do my work too. Other days it's drawing a couple things that I want to be made into patches (that can take a couple of days because I want to be perfect) for instance drawing super Mario standing on top of a gameboy or words like Champ with boxing gloves hanging off (for Muhammad Ali). 

Fashion Gxd Magazine : How has being an entrepreneur affected your family life? 

Sweet Growth:I don't think it has affected my family life. I do think that it has made me more outspoken and coming around more with family. 

Fashion Gxd Magazine :What motivates you? 

Sweet Growth: What motivates me? Seeing other people doing something that they love doing, helping people, smiles on people's faces and seeing them go get it.  

Fashion Gxd Magazine: How do you generate new ideas? 

Sweet Growth :Generating new ideas... Anything that comes to my mind or anything I see or heard within social media. It could be something I've seen In the streets . I'll take little pieces that I've seen or thought of and come up with something unique.  

Fashion Gxd Magazine : What sacrifices have you had to make to be a successful entrepreneur? 

 :  I believe I sacrifice free time. There has to been countless of times where I'm just basically doing nothing and wonder why aren't I. By taking advantage of the free time I am able to get things done rather than waiting til the last minute. 

Fashion Gxd Magazine : Where you see yourself and your business in 10 years? 20 years? 

SweetGrowth: Where do I see myself In 10 to 20 years wow let's see. Well for sure still putting time into Sweet Growth and networking with others. I don't think I will ever let it go or just let it fall to the ground. Because it's something that I love to do and it is a hobby of mines. Continuing to work a regular job. With those two I can see myself accomplishing more and seeing myself getting the things I want in life. An hopefully seeing Sweet Growth impress others who love doing something.