Inspiring Lives with " Finess HER Clothing" for Fashion Gxd Magazine

Written By Samantha Cee

FinessH.E.R. (Hustle Empower Reach ) is a brand that offers trendy clothing and apparel to both women and men around the world Take a look at our exclusive interview with the rising brand below! 

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"Stay focused never lose sight of what your trying to accomplish."

Fashion Gxd Magazine : How did the idea for your business come about?

FinessHER: I came up with the idea because everyone has been finessed at some point more so women than men so I created a brand to take the word from a negative to a positive with the word FinessH.E.R. It’s a woman that has the H.ustle of a man the ability to E.mpower other women and R.each younger women to let them know that they can be or do anything they want in a man driven world.

Fashion Gxd Magazine : How do you find people to bring into your organization that truly care about the organization the way you do?

Answer: By talking with others in the same market or like business as myself with the same passion and drive. 

 Fashion Gxd Magazine : What three pieces of advice would you give to other children  who want to become entrepreneurs?

FinessHER:  1. Stay focused never lose sight of what your trying to accomplish

2.Be determined never let anyone tell you that you can't

3.Whatever you put your mind to go for it and never regret your decisions

Fashion Gxd Magazine :If you had the chance to start your career over again, what would you do differently?

FinessHER: I wouldn't start my career path over because every obstacle and NO that I received was a lesson and without lessons you can't perfect your craft.

Fashion Gxd Magazine :What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur ?

FinessHER: My top 3 skills would be 1.ability to adapt because being able to adapt to any situation that comes your way is always a plus, 2. work ethic because your work ethic is what can either make or break your business because no one is going to give 110% like you do, and 3.self reliance because if you can't depend on no one else you can always depend on yourself. 

Fashion Gxd Magazine :What have been some of your failures, and what have you learned from them?

FinessHER: I have most defiantly failed at managing my time and realizing that everything can't be done in a day, what I have learned from that is I'm really not a on time person at all which I work on daily and that everything doesn't have to be done in a day I can make a small to do list and get them accomplished.


Fashion Gxd Magazine : How many hours do you work a day on average?

FinessHER: I spent at least 8 hours on average and that's just the bare minimum on my business because I want to put as much effort if not more into my business as I do someone else's.

Fashion Gxd Magazine :Describe/outline your typical day?

FinessHER: With being a full time mother and entrepreneur there is no such thing as a typical day for me because anything can and usually does happen.


Fashion Gxd Magazine : How has being an entrepreneur affected your family life?

FinessHER: It has made it more hectic than what it already was because I'm trying to find the happy median between family and business but I try to work towards it daily.


Fashion Gxd Magazine :What motivates you?

FinessHER: First and foremost my boys are my biggest motivation because I want to show them what women are capable of and what are something's to look for in a woman and then myself I am my own motivation because I know what the bottom looks like so I know that I'm capable to make it to the top. 

Fashion Gxd Magazine: How do you generate new ideas?

FinessHER: I typical generate ideas every moment that I have to myself like when I'm walking to the car, on break while I workout basically all the time I'm constantly thinking of ideas to better myself and brand.

Fashion Gxd Magazine : What sacrifices have you had to make to be a successful entrepreneur?

FinessHER: I have made the biggest scarifies I think which are my personal life and my spending  I no longer have a life I am consumed in my business I think,eat, and breath FinessHER and every extra penny that I have to spare goes into my business.

Fashion Gxd Magazine : Where you see yourself and your business in 10 years? 20 years?

FinessHER: 10 years I see myself giving back to the community that I came from and the girls in it 20 years: I see myself putting women in the position to create an opportunity for themselves to reach goals that they may have given up on.