Inspiring Lives with " Public Harmony" for Fashion Gxd Magazine

Written by Samantha Cee

PUBLIC HARMONYWe are an interior decor brand dedicated to transforming spaces into an inspirational oasis; specializing in positive atmosphere living. We believe your space is your story and it should say everything about you. Align your bedroom, living room or office with powerful affirmations, words. and quotes that will uplift your spirit to new levels of restoration.Visualize this simple question; ARE YOU LIVING IN HARMONY? BEGIN TO CREATE YOU BALANCED SPACE. Take a look at our exclusive interview with the Dyamic Duo Bri & Viva and their rising brand Public Harmony.


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Fashion Gxd Magazine : How did the idea for your business come about? 

Public Harmony: While Viva was on maternity, she began to envision a minority business that would empower the interior world. 

Daydreaming in between diaper changes and feedings, the idea to unite with her sister, Bri a media graduate; seemed incredible. Building a family legacy was always important to us. We desired to create something that would not only fill the spaces of conscious young women globally but fill their souls. 

Fashion Gxd Magazine : How do you find people to bring into your organization that truly care about the organization the way you do? 

Public Harmony: As founders we are currently running the business ourselves. PUBLIC HARMONY will celebrate its 1 year anniversary Oct 18th. We hope to add our 1st employee in Spring 2018. 

Fashion Gxd Magazine : What three pieces of advice would you give to other children who want to become entrepreneurs? 

Public Harmony: 1) Find that one thing that makes you happy and follow it all the way through, 2) Be willing to take risk and never 

regret failure 3) Start early, there is no other day than the present 


Fashion Gxd Magazine: If you had the chance to start your career over again, what would you do differently? 

Public Harmony: (Bri) I would have started connecting very early with other Entrepreneurs by attending a lot of networking and branding events. (Viva) I don't think i would do anything differently, all of my opportunities and experiences were life lessons which i am grateful for. 


Fashion Gxd Magazine :What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur ? 

Public Harmony: Drive, Flexibility, and Knowing your customer 

Fashion Gxd Magazine :What have been some of your failures, and what have you learned from them? 

Public Harmony:Some of the failures were working with manufacturers who do not produce great quality and/or major shipping issues. If the vendor is not delivering at your expectations, find an alternative. Your customers’ happiness comes first. 

Fashion Gxd Magazine : How many hours do you work a day on average? 

Public Harmony: We are both fully employed Mon-Fri. Therefore we spend at least 3 hours every evening, 5 days a week. On weekends 12 hour days are average. 

Fashion Gxd Magazine :Describe/outline your typical day? 

Public Harmony: (Viva) Mon- Fri: Up by 6:00am . Moment of prayer and gratitude.6:45am Check emails and text messages.  7:00am . Add to my To-do-list. 7:15am Get dressed for the day; 7:30 pack school/work lunches; 7:45am Breakfast with my daughter; 8:00 am Off to daycare and work; 5:30pm Return from work. 6:00pm Mommy & me play/read time 7:00pm Home cooked healthy meals 8:00pm Prep & complete projects with Bri on PUBLIC HARMONY until bed at 10:30-11p. (Bri) 8:00 AM Prayer 8:30 AM prepare my day going over to do list, 9:30 AM commute to work, 8:00 PM return from work, 8:15 PM Cook/try new Pescatarian meals 8:30 w ork on PUBLIC HARMONY with Viva, 11:30 PM Complete Grad school assignments until bed. 

Fashion Gxd Magazine : How has being an entrepreneur affected your family life? 

Public Harmony: (Viva) Everyday I wake up with more of a purpose and drive to fulfill my dreams. Working together has strengthened our sister relationship. Scheduling daily time with my fiance and daughter keeps me balanced. (Bri ) It has affected my family life in a great way. I have gained a closer sister bond with my sister/business partner. I have developed a stronger growth with my family because of their support. 

Fashion Gxd Magazine :What motivates you? 

Public Harmony : (Viva) Time is so vital and precious. You will never get it back, so using time as a tool to accomplish my goals and create moments with loved one; keeps me motivated to live life boldly. (Bri) Getting up everyday knowing that we are able to inspire others by simply expressing our passion through our products. 

Fashion Gxd Magazine: How do you generate new ideas? 

Public Harmony : Our daily evening meetings generate the majority of our ideas. Brainstorming with pen, pad, music and wine has become a PUBLIC HARMONY We stay hip to latest world events, everyday Instagram influencers, quotes by historic figures and motivational sisters like Myleik Teele & Amanda Seales. 

Fashion Gxd Magazine : What sacrifices have you had to make to be a successful entrepreneur? 

Public Harmony: Investing personal money into the business along with business loans; budgeting like crazy and putting in restless time. 

Fashion Gxd Magazine : Where you see yourself and your business in 10 years ? 20 years? 

Public Harmony: (Viva) I see PUBLIC HARMONY on a commercial level; product placement in large retail store such as Target, Macy’s and Bed Bath Beyond. As a African American women, I envision imprinting the interior decor industry and paving a way for other minority women who aspire to be successful in such a predominantly caucasian/european designer market. (Bri) I see PUBLIC HARMONY on a commercial level; product placement in large retail store such as Target, Macy’s and Bed Bath Beyond. I see myself as an inspiring African American women in the interior decor world working and teaching young women the art of entrepreneurship and business.