Inspiring Lives With Pharaoah Da Gawd


Written By Samantha Cee :

Interview By : Editor in Chief Pilar Scratch

As we sat with the undeniably talented artist Pharaoah da Gawd , on the rooftop of the Hyatt Rooftop nothing but amazing energy and Good vibes were marinated . Pharaoh , with his crew in toe , were the highlights of the evening with their immense personalities they outshined everyone's in the room ....Nonetheless to say Pharaoah was a natural star here's his journey to Success ....

Photo By Ty Hill of Vocab Magazine

Photo By Ty Hill of Vocab Magazine



Fashion Gxd Magazine: What is your favorite aspect of being an musician ?

Pharaoh Da Gawd :My favorite aspect of being an musician is being able to communicate with those who feel like they don’t have a older role model , a father figure or someone that understands them . So it gives me a opportunity to become a spokesperson for those who don’t have the courage to speak up on there troubles.

FGM: What is the most important decision i made that contributed to your success ?

Pdg: The most important decision i made that contributed to my success , even though I’m not successful is meeting Hustle mary and building a friend/family relationship with her that led up to her believing in me and becoming my manager . After that progression just started happening .

FGM: What are three skills in being a successful musican ?

PDG :Top three skills needed to be a successful musician i feel is knowing the history or background behind the career your trying to be successful at , being focus would be another kill and remain humble . Humbleness has a lot to do with your upbringing and downfall .

FGM: What was the spark that fuield your career , what were some of the trials and tribulations you went through that aided in the growth of your career and as a artist ?

PDG: Some of my failures earlier on when i started doing music was me allowing others to tell me how to make music , allowing people to tell me I’m not ready , not having confidence in myself . My upbringing ignited the spark in my career . I was adopted when i was younger , my mother didn’t want me , I’ve been through a lot of group homes before i was adopted , but it didn’t stop there i was abused by foster siblings at a young age , i use to have breakdowns everytime holidays came up or anything in that nature because i didn’t have family i didn’t feel like family , you know so life was hard . And then my foster mother kicked me out the house which forced me to sleep in friends garage , houses , couches , cars . So that spark me to do music .

FGM: Was their some type of pattern that contributed to your success?

PDG: There is some type of pattern of becoming a successful musician in a way performing at certain venues , putting your music on a certain platform but than again you have to create your own pattern. the most i attribute about my success is my brand and the meaning behind it . Even though it was a slow start people are now starting to grasp on to it.

FGM: What are the five key elements of being a successful artist ?

PDG: The 5 key elements of becoming a successful musician is being more about the people . Presenting positivity . consistency .Preach a positive message Business is Business . theres no room for friends in this industry , you have to feed your family .


FGM: if you could bring one historian back who would it be and Why?

PDG: If i could talk to one person from history and why it would be " Malcolm X " . Why ? because one he was from New York and he had his ups and downs but turned his life around for the better and changed other people lives for the better even years after his death.


FGM: What book and Artist inspire you of all time ?

PDG: Tupac and dmx has been my greatest inspiration. My Favorite book is the autobiography of malcolm x . I just love how they viewed his life and all that .

FGM: What is the best advice you can give an upcoming artist who wants to be in the entertainment industry? And what are some of your struggles that motivate you ?

PDG: My daily struggles , The world struggles and my friend struggles motivate me. Advice i would give to those trying to get into music is Represent where you from , never change who you are for anybody , and if you feel your work is great don’t let no one tell you any differ its your work .

FGM: What is your greates fear as a rising artist ?

PDG: my greatest fear is dying before I’m Something or Someone. I manage fear by not thinking about it and trying to fight through it . Being more brave for those watching me , thinking I’m strong and what not.



FGM: What is Success To You? How do you Define Sucess with all of your accomplishments ?

PDG: Success is being comfortable in life , being able to wake up with a smile on your face with new business ventures and what not. The Best way to achieve long term success is make sure all your business moves comes with a contract lol . Everything i been though gave me knowledge so i really don’t have a answer to that question . But every step of the way i learned something , even if it was a bad move for me or a good move for me . Everything better me for the better and set me up to be what i am today .


FGM: Who is your biggest inspirational influence

PDG :Tupac is a inspiring man to me . His legacy and message still lives on.

FGM: What are your hobbies when you aren't working?

PDG : My hobbies are music and I’m never not working