Inspiring Lives With Author "Beverly Vercher "

Written By Samantha Cee

Inspired , Humbled , Honored , Motivation ... are merely a few words to describe the overwhelming opportunity I acquired . Our Inspiring Lives always have a reasoning for being selected.. However , once doing extensive research on or New Feature I couldn't help but to feel accomplished . To be able to interview a Icon in the making , has made my day beyond belief . To see a Author , a mother , a wife , a writer.... all the goals I wish to accomplish ... succeed at such a vast level has truly inspired me .

Becoming a Mother at an early age did seize her accomplishments ... it motivated her to prevail ....I can only image to be as successful as she is . Nonetheless,  I couldn't image anyone more deserving of our Inspiring Lives feature than the one & only ,  Mrs. Beverly Vercher .....

Author Beverley Vercher at her Book Signing ( Image Courtesy of Ms. Vercher )

Author Beverley Vercher at her Book Signing( Image Courtesy of Ms. Vercher )

Fashion Gxd Magazine ( FGM)  : What is your favorite aspect of being an Author ?

Beverly Vercher (BV) : My favorite aspect of being an Author is that I can get lost in a story and be free in it. I can create the life that I want and the characters that I want to share that life with. Although my stories are mostly fictional, my characters become my friends and family and when I'm not writing I miss them just as I would if they were real people.

Fashion Gxd Magazine ( FGM)  :What was the single most important decision you made that contributed to your success?

Beverly Vercher (BV) : My best decision is to let go of the fear of failure. I've learned that failure can be both a blessing and a lesson. When you fail, you learned what your weaknesses are and you can correct them.


Fashion Gxd Magazine ( FGM)  :Being a author is extremely complex field to break through what would you say are the top three skills needed to be a

successful entrepreneur and having a flourishing career as a author?

 Beverly Vercher (BV) : First, you need to make time to write. You must be able to sit down and focus only on your project. Secondly, you must be passionate about your project. If you love what you're writing about, the story will reflect that passion and excitement no matter the subject. Lastly, you must be willing to invest in yourself; time and money. Unless you are able to hire a marketing and/or PR team, you must be willing to do the footwork; such as networking with other Authors, reaching out to different media outlets such as radio, magazines, etc. The word will eventually spread but you have to work hard in the beginning.

Fashion Gxd Magazine ( FGM)  :What have been some of your failures, and what have you learned from them?

Beverly Vercher (BV) : My biggest failure has been trying to do too many things at one time, instead of focusing on just 1 thing and making sure it was perfect. By doing that, many things that I worked on failed because I didn't put in the proper work to make sure it would succeed.

Fashion Gxd Magazine ( FGM)  :What ignited the spark in you to start a entrepreneur venture or to pursue your career?

Beverly Vercher (BV) :  I became a mom at the age of 18 so by the time I turned 40 my youngest child was leaving for college and I felt that it was now my time to do all the things that I've dreamed of doing. So I started working towards them.

Fashion Gxd Magazine ( FGM)  :Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful author?

Beverly Vercher (BV) : When people ask for my advice on getting started as an Author, I simply tell them to just WRITE. If you're writing non-fiction, of course, you must be fully informed of what you're writing about so you must do your research but just write.

Fashion Gxd Magazine ( FGM)  :To what do you most attribute your success?

Beverly Vercher (BV) : Prayer and God.

Fashion Gxd Magazine ( FGM)  :What would say are the five essential elements for being a successful?

 Beverly Vercher (BV) : Pray, Trust God, Have Faith in God, & Patience.

Fashion Gxd Magazine ( FGM)  :What has been your most satisfying moment in business, when creating your company?

Beverly Vercher (BV) : Seeing the finished copy of my book and realizing that all the hard work and sleepless nights were worth it.


Fashion Gxd Magazine ( FGM)  :Who has been your greatest inspiration to start your business ?

Beverly Vercher (BV) :My husband, children, and my sister.


Fashion Gxd Magazine ( FGM)  :What book has inspired you the most?

Beverly Vercher (BV) :I love to read so I've read lots of books, many of them several times. But the one book I've read the most and will read over and over again is Afterburn by Zane. He has a lot of steamy scenes but it's also a very touching and emotional love story. Each time I read it I get the same joy as the first time. That book inspired to me to take my time and write stories that will inspire everyone that reads it.


Fashion Gxd Magazine ( FGM)  :What three pieces of advice would you give to individuals wishing to get into fashion or who aspire to write your first book?

 Beverly Vercher (BV) : 1. Make time to write 2. Do your research on the subject you're writing about 3. And when your book is finally published, invest in yourself! Time, energy, & most of all MONEY! You are your biggest & BEST investment

Fashion Gxd Magazine ( FGM)  :What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage fear?

My biggest fear is leaving this earth with my bestseller still inside me. So to manage that fear, I write down every idea that I have for a book and in my free time, I start working on it.


Fashion Gxd Magazine ( FGM)  :How do you define success?

Beverly Vercher (BV) : I define success by being happy with my life and where I am right now.


Fashion Gxd Magazine ( FGM)  :What is the best way to achieve long-term success for you ?

 Beverly Vercher (BV) :Continue to publish great books that help others.


 Fashion Gxd Magazine ( FGM)  :If you could have given yourself a piece of knowledge or advice when you started your business what would that be?

 Beverly Vercher (BV) : Don't stress!


Fashion Gxd Magazine ( FGM)  :Which opportunities should you have followed; what pitfalls would you have avoided?

Beverly Vercher (BV) :I feel that I should have pursued writing sooner but I also feel that waiting made me a better writer.


Fashion Gxd Magazine ( FGM)  :What is a Inspiring Woman To You ?

Beverly Vercher (BV) :An inspiring woman is a woman that can lift others up even when she's feeling her lowest. She's strong but not afraid to cry. She's driven, willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. She's willing to help other women, even if they're pursing the same dream she is. She sees them as her sister, not her competition. And most of all she's a praying woman. A woman that knows that she can be ALL things through Christ!

Fashion Gxd Magazine ( FGM)  :What are your hobbies? What do you do in your non-work time?

Beverly Vercher (BV) : In my non-work time, I am the President of a social club (Beauty & Brains S/C). So most of me weekends are spent supporting other clubs by donating time (attending their events) and/or money/materials (donating to their fundraising events). I get to have fun while helping out in my own and other communities. But when I don't have a social or motorcycle club event, I'm usually home with my husband relaxing. We're empty-nester's now, so we are really enjoying each other and the time we spend together is priceless.

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