Meet Fashion Gxd Celebrity Hair stylist Shantise Michelle

Shantise Michelle

Celebrity Hair stylist shantise michelle

Celebrity Hair stylist shantise michelle

10 Fun Facts

-Favorite color is Red

-Im an only child

-favorite movie of all time is Hocus Pocus

-favorite food is French Fries

-nickname is Poo (like Winnine-the-Poo)

-I'd choose sneakers over heels ANYDAY

-favorite snack is Green and Black Olives

-jeans and a T-Shirt is my favorite outfit

-apple juice is my favorite and also the best juice in the world

-im the epitome of goody


how I got started in the Hair Industry

-I've always wanted to do hair since as far back as I can remember. While everyone I knew wanted to be doctors and lawyers, I wanted to own my own salon. I went to college, received a degree in Business and I just was over the entire ‘get your degree get a high paying job’ It wasn't until a day after visiting my Great Grandmother and her asking me did I still want to own a chain of salons that I decided to pursue Cosmetology and it was the best decision I have ever made.


My biggest inspiration

-My mom will forever and always be my biggest inspiration because without her none of this would be possible nor would I be here. Although I do have inspiration in my field, no one can top my mom.


Where do I see myself in 5 years

-although I dislike this question a lot because of all the job interviews I’ve been to…, I just want to be happy and enjoying everything that will be in place for me.


Have I had any formal training in my field

-I have been in a professional setting of a salon since I was 18 years old, I am now 24. My friends has helped me become better by letting my perfect my craft on them as well. And taking classes to become better because the learning never ends.


Who would I like to work with next

-I have no specific person I want to work with next I just want the opportunities to continue to be given to me. Maybe I'll have the answer to this question in 5 years :)


How did I meet Pilar

-I actually have known Pilar for YEARS! We went to middle school together and was in the same classroom together always buggin out. Facebook kept us connected THANK GOD because if it had not been for that, I probably wouldn't even been in this spread. :)


The purpose of my talent

-the main purpose of my talent is that I get to be me. I get to wear what I want and rock my hair how I want. I get to express my creativity, I get to be my own boss, im in control of my success and no one can take that from me. And if I was to fail, I get to take the responsibility because it would be no ones fault but my own. And with knowing that right there, let's me know that this was for me.


The message I try to influence with my work

-the message I try to influence with my work is you have to start somewhere to get to where you want to go. Which is why I've been posting every little thing I learned in school on my social media. I ask for my followers to criticize my work because that will only make me better.


What celebrities have I worked with.

-so far, I have worked side by side with Pilar and Madison. I have worked with VH1’s MaMa Jones. And I recently working with TheHusel.


Working with the Husel

-working with The Husel was just like working with people I work with on a daily bases. And k say that because, although he is a celebrity, he is very social. He didn't make us feel intimidated by the fact that he is a celebrity; he was very down to earth. And I believe that's the best part about working with celebrities is finding out their true personality behind all the cameras and things.


What makes me a fashion gxd

-I think its my excitement I have for this. When I’m watching reality tv shows or just fashion shows and things in that nature, I no longer watch it for the entertainment. Im watching it for the  hairstyles or the makeup trying to see what I can do to up my game so that the next time I'm watching these shows, I’m looking at my own work.


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