Fashion Gxd Magazine Presents Rob Get-It "TTGI3"

Affiliation: Secret Society

 Our next Gxdly Music Feature is a , NewarkNew Jersey based artist . Riding the viral success of their local smash hit #FBOT (Fuckin Bitches Offa Twitter), newfound Jersey-based duo Rob Get-It & Mars decided to bring their collaborative efforts together in the form of a music group. Capitalizing on their sudden increasing popularity, they began to embark on a spinoff of sorts with The #FBOTnation EP, giving fans more ignorance and good music as they did with the latter. With a couple successful singles off of the critically acclaimed #FBOTnation EP under their belts, the duo are setting their sights on bigger goals. No longer fully satisfied with local buzz and popularity, they are pushing harder and grinding even more to get their names and unique variety of music out to the nation. They've since released their 2nd album entitled "NationLife", and 3rd project entitled "Manwhore Memoirs". Rob Get-It has also ventured out on a solo mission with 3 successful mixtapes/albums of his own. Enjoy a selection of their most popular and requested songs here:




Songs Attached: Rob Get-It "No Relationships (ft. Branden Jerrel)",

Rob Get-It "Off Limits (ft. Mars)"

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