Fashion Gxd Fashionista " Tinita Fuller "

Written By: Amy Hines

Our Fashion Gxd Fashionista is Tinita Fuller from Indianapolis Indiana

Tinita is a vintage lover who develops and create the majority of her fashion and style inspiration from thrift stores yard sales but just like any Fashionista she's immensely fixated with labels .Beyoncé Solange & Rihanna are her top celebrity style icons to Tinita they all have a unique style and are never afraid to turn heads

keep up with her social media moves @lipstickzngunz

What do you dolls think of our Fashion Gxd Fashionista ?

images provide by Tinita Fuller

images provide by Tinita Fuller

Creative, daring and Immensely Fashion Forward are the best words to describe Tinita
— Celebrity Wardobe Stylist, EIC, Pilar Scratch

Fashion Gxd Fashionista "K'la Noel Lawson "

Written By : Amy Hines

And where back .....Our Fashion Gxd Fashionista K'la Noel Lawson is from New Haven, CT. K'la would express her style as colorful and free spirit just like her amazing personality. She is a fashion chameleon  similar to her dynamic personality . K'la Favorite celebrity fashion icon would be Solange K'la admires Solagane's versatility from her hair down to her shoes. For Solange It's never a dull moment when she steps out in front of paparazzi and You can defiantly can say the say the same about this rising Fashionista ... K'la we Solute you ..

What do you guys think of our Fashion Gxd of the day???

K’la style is immensely versatile . She definitely reminds me of Solange .. a fashion free spirit and very adventurous
— Celebrity Wardobe Stylist , EIC , Pilar Scratch

Images provided by K'la Noel Lawson

Images provided by K'la Noel Lawson

Fashion Gxd Fashionista "Naveah Paris "

Written By: Samantha Cee

Today our Fashion Gxd Fashionista a small Pocket of Fabulousness  is Naveah Paris From The Garden State New Jersey .Naveah;'s fashion inspirations definitely comes from her favorite movies and shows! Her current favorite fashion trend is floral and sparkles. Naveah's  celebrity style inspiration at the moment is Angela Simmons! Naveah is a  Fashion Gxd is because her style is my own and is perfect expression of her . Follow Neavah's fashion on Instagram at:! 

Naveah Paris is absolutely stunning. She’s a mini Fashionista is absolutely adorable
— Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist , EIC , Pilar Scratch

Fashion Gxd Fashionista " Kingsley "

Written By: Samantha Cee

Our Instagram , Insta Style Fashionisto is a special treat  Kingsley and he's 2 years old. Kingsley and his mother Lindsey  live in the UK on the north west coast of the country. Kingsley fashion is heavily inspired by hip hop culture and that whole urban/street style. I'm pretty sure King will be a sneaker head when he's older as told by his mother  he loves nothing more than putting on a fresh pair of kicks and has quite an enviable collection now which includes several pairs of Jordan's, Timbs, Jeremy Scott Wings, Supercolours etc.

As you can see from the pics, his mother Lindsey ,  likes nothing more than taking a Hip Hop lyric and getting it printed up on a tee or ripping up some old jeans.

Customize, customize, customize!

They love having fun with fashion and Instagram is a big influence, they buy clothing from a lot of the small businesses on there and enjoy seeing what the other IG kiddies are rocking.  We at Fashion Gxd Magazine absolutely adore Kingsley and Lindsey .

Instagram @lushshus

Kingsley is the epitome of a fashion tot . His style is so adorable how can you not completely fall in love .
— Celebrity Wardobe Stylist , EIC, Pilar Scratch

Fashion Gxd Fashionista " Lynette-LaShawn"

Written By: Samantha Cee

Today our InstaStyle Fashionista , is Lynette-Lashawn, the owner of Boutique Off The Hanger
From Newark, New Jersey her fashion is inspired by various fashionable eras, people, places & things. When she went to Paris she was inspired by the landmark, the people. When she's in New York or New Jerseyshe's inspired by the culutre, street stylers, etc. In essence, her  inspiration can come from anything, anywhere any time.  Lynette is  overly obsessed with distressed boyfriend fitted jeans/shorts or bermudas. In Her opinion They are perfect to go with just about anything but she loves pairing them with a funky blazer be it vintage or contemporary with a sexy pump or sandal. That for me her chicly stylish. 
Lynett's celebrity style crush is Solange . She love's everything about Solange's style. She pushes the envelope . Lynette   think's fashion is all about doing that, breaking rules and being comfortable in a style that's uniquely you. Fashion to lynette  is about being able to mix, match and blend various fashionable eras with mass market and high end pieces. Having the ability to integrate looks from stores like H&M, Zara's, Forever 21, Century 21 with other pieces scored at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth and putting them together to create your own unique style makes her a true Fashion GXD. 

Instagram: BoutiqueOffTheHanger

What do you dolls think of our Fashionista ?

I personally love Lynette-Lashawn style its very edgy chic.... She a Paris girl in New Jersey .
— Celebrity Wardobe Stylist , EIC, Pilar Scratch

Fashion Gxd Fashionista " Romanian "

Written By: Samantha Cee

Our Insta Fashion Gxd Fashionista , is Romanian from  Los Angeles, California 
 Being versatile and  unisex are his biggest fashion inspirations !  Romanian is infatuated with  unisex clothing "when a guy and girl can both rock it and pull it off and make it look dope fashion has no limits so when a girl wears something masculine and still look real girly I love that and same goes for guys" he states  . His Celebrity fashion crush is the bag gal herself ,  Rihanna. To Romanian Rihanna  is a fashion Gxd because anything she does just makes sense and she is really good at unisex clothing she can wear something completely masculine and still look so girly and fashionable that's the things Romanian  lives for being UNIQUE.  What makes him  a Fashion Gxd is he's  a person of making every outfit work even if something isn't as flattering or the color isn't the best a person that has style knows how to add the right colors and pieces together even if it just a necklace or a simple hat ,that can completely make your whole outfit , he takes chances with fashion  from the shoes on his feet to the color of his hair all that takes a big part of fashion with all comes together to makes a killer outfit that's why he's  a fashion Gxd

I’ve been following Romanian for a while ...he , doesn’t know it But he Completely inspired my outfit for Rihanna’s Private Unapolgetic Release and red carpet. it was the first time I mixed patterns after seeing his outfit. I love his fashion sense
— Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist , EIC, Pilar Sratch

Fashion Gxd Fashionista " Dana Cash "

Written By: Samantha Cee

Our Fashion Gxd , InstaFashionista is Dana Cash from  NYC. her  fashion timelessly is inspired by her grandmother, a seamstress for over 35 years. Fashion has always been a way for her to expresses her ideas, meanwhile captivate the looks and minds of others. Every time she  walks the NYC streets the fashion she see's is evolving and recycling, styling all her looks she thinks of is as an art project everyday. Dana Cash favorite fashion trends today are all recycling from the 90’s. Anything denim is her favorite , the versatility of denim skirts, shirts and jeans is endless. Doc Martens have finally made a comeback, any skater dress she wears needs her doc martens. Every girl needs a pair of mules, specifically a heel mule is essential for any night she states . 

The celebrity who inspires her fashion is Solange Knowles. From bold prints to captivating colors, Solange is never scared to take risks. she admires her fashion because she is always trying something different from suits to bold printed dresses. Her fashion and hair always keeps Dana Cash intrigued. what makes Dana Cash  “Fashion GXD” is her ability to take risks with fashion and still produce stylish results. Also, she  has used her growing fashion platform to highlight a prominent issue is society, domestic violence. her platform has allowed her to open the eyes of my fans and supporters. Fashion is multidimensional and everything from my styling, creating looks and social activism is everything that makes Dana cash a  FASHION GXD. 

I love Dana Cash , her movement and what she stands for . Merging fashion with a positive casue is always amazing in my book.
— Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist , EIC, Pilar Scratch

All Quote's are Directly From Pilar Scratch

What do you doll thinks of our Fashionista?

Fashion Gxd Fashionista " Brinae Chanel"

Written By : Samantha Cee

Our Insta Fashion. Fashion Gxd Fashionista is Brinae Chanel  As a natural Fashion Gxd Brinae Chanel Doesn't Really Have Anything That Inspires her Fashion.  It's Kind Of Like A Gift.  Maybe That's Why her Style Is Random & Undefined. Brinae Chanel  Favorite Fashion Trend Would Probably Be The Whole Retro 90's Look And The Futuristic Chic And Modern Look. Brinae Chanel  Love's  The Style Of Rihanna Since She Is So Versatile & The Style Of Kylie Jenner Since Her Style Is So Fresh And Chic. What Makes Briane Chanel A fashion Gxd Is her Versatility . The Way she Dresses Is So Peculiar And Undefined Which Makes her Stand Out .  She  Can Go From Something That Looks Clean And Chic To Like A Hippie Retro Kind Of Appeal , Back In The 90's ,To Urban , A Grunge Look, And Then Like A Girly Girl But Bad*** Dress The Next Day.  That's What Makes her So Special.  Brianae Chanel's  Motto Is "Everyday You Go Out Dress Like You're Walking A Runway".  She Live Up To That Because She  Like's When People Stop And Stare And Compliment The Way She Dress Because They've Never Seen Someone As Unique As she is .  She states "It Feels Good To Be That Person People Look Up To .  It Feels Good To Set Trends. . . .And It Feels Good Because It's Me Being Me" . . . .

What do You Dolls think Of our  versatile Fashionsta??

More looks on her Instagram @Brinae Chanel

Fashion Gxd Fashionista "Jacqueline Popovic " of Jankele

Written By : Samantha Cee

Today's InstaStle, Fashion Gxd Fashionista I sJacqueline Popovic Founder & Creative Director, JANKELE   based in New York City Everything she  sees inspires her Fashion sense From street-wear to sea creatures, from our earth's very own fractals to it's natural crystals and minerals, from art forms to the artists themselves, from surreal lands to the land that we embody today!  The imagination is limitless when seeking inspiration.
Her favorite fashion trends are Platforms, crystal embroidery, over-sized coats!
Jacqueline states when it comes to celebrity fashion inspiration she has Too many to have a favorite!  But if she  must .. Beyoncé

in her opinion , nothing makes  her a fashion gxd..stating"  I just LOVE fashion and follow it my entire life! I believe that individuals set their own trends and therefore to each their own.. my current style is a reflection of my own trends set in my personal life experiences.  In a world of such strong assimilation (in every sense), I am truly inspired by those who stand aside from others, and it is my belief, that I do just that. " How humble of this amazing Fashionista.

Follow her Social Medias @jankele

What do you dolls think of Jacqueline ?

Jacqueline’s fashion sense embodies true art. That’s what her style is ...Walking Art.
— Celebrit Wardrobe Stylist , EIC, Pilar Scratch

Fashion Gxd Fashionista "Chanel Adams"

Written By :Samantha Cee

Our InstaFashion , Fashion Gxd is Chanel Adam's Known as The Glam Maverick from  Brooklyn, New York City. Her fashion is inspired by no one in particular. Chanel likes to challenge herself when dressing up by putting pieces together that people wouldn't think can match and proving them wrong. She is in  love anything Sequins. And she  also love prints and mixing prints. This Glam Star is in Love Rihanna's style. She knows how and when to dress up or down, as well as combine dressing up and down. Like herself.  Chanel is  a Fashion GXD because she like what everybody else doesn't like. This makes her style unique and happy with a touch of Urban Classy. 

Follow her Social media


Instagram: @TheGlammaverickpr

What are your thoughts on our Brooklyn Native?

I’ve been following Chanel on Instagram for a while . Her bold fashion statements captured my eye .She’s one of my secret go two fashion Instagram’s .
— Celebrity Wardobe Stylist, EIC , Pilar Scratch

Fashion Gxd Fashionista " Winter Rose "

Written By: Samantha Cee

Winter is from Leeds, United Kingdom. Her inspiration is Disney, she loves princesses, but does like a good villain. This Tiny Fashionista and her mother , handmade, everything  especially on Instagram. Winter Rose  doesn't really have a celebrity style. Unless you can class a Disney princess a celebrity. Winter Rose  has her own style. Winter Rose  makes a great fashion Gxd because at 2 years old she styles herself. Everything she wears is what she chose's.

keep up with this Fashion Tot Winter Rose

on Instagram @Kaoticshell

Facebook :Shelley Wilson

What Do you Dolls Think Of Our Tiny Fashionista From The united kingdom?

After viewing this Fashion Tot I instantly fell in love. her style selections are so adorable
— Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist , EIC, Pilar Scratch