Fashion Gxd Fashionista " Brinae Chanel"

Written By : Samantha Cee

Our Insta Fashion. Fashion Gxd Fashionista is Brinae Chanel  As a natural Fashion Gxd Brinae Chanel Doesn't Really Have Anything That Inspires her Fashion.  It's Kind Of Like A Gift.  Maybe That's Why her Style Is Random & Undefined. Brinae Chanel  Favorite Fashion Trend Would Probably Be The Whole Retro 90's Look And The Futuristic Chic And Modern Look. Brinae Chanel  Love's  The Style Of Rihanna Since She Is So Versatile & The Style Of Kylie Jenner Since Her Style Is So Fresh And Chic. What Makes Briane Chanel A fashion Gxd Is her Versatility . The Way she Dresses Is So Peculiar And Undefined Which Makes her Stand Out .  She  Can Go From Something That Looks Clean And Chic To Like A Hippie Retro Kind Of Appeal , Back In The 90's ,To Urban , A Grunge Look, And Then Like A Girly Girl But Bad*** Dress The Next Day.  That's What Makes her So Special.  Brianae Chanel's  Motto Is "Everyday You Go Out Dress Like You're Walking A Runway".  She Live Up To That Because She  Like's When People Stop And Stare And Compliment The Way She Dress Because They've Never Seen Someone As Unique As she is .  She states "It Feels Good To Be That Person People Look Up To .  It Feels Good To Set Trends. . . .And It Feels Good Because It's Me Being Me" . . . .

What do You Dolls think Of our  versatile Fashionsta??

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Fashion Gxd Fashionista "Jacqueline Popovic " of Jankele

Written By : Samantha Cee

Today's InstaStle, Fashion Gxd Fashionista I sJacqueline Popovic Founder & Creative Director, JANKELE   based in New York City Everything she  sees inspires her Fashion sense From street-wear to sea creatures, from our earth's very own fractals to it's natural crystals and minerals, from art forms to the artists themselves, from surreal lands to the land that we embody today!  The imagination is limitless when seeking inspiration.
Her favorite fashion trends are Platforms, crystal embroidery, over-sized coats!
Jacqueline states when it comes to celebrity fashion inspiration she has Too many to have a favorite!  But if she  must .. Beyoncé

in her opinion , nothing makes  her a fashion gxd..stating"  I just LOVE fashion and follow it my entire life! I believe that individuals set their own trends and therefore to each their own.. my current style is a reflection of my own trends set in my personal life experiences.  In a world of such strong assimilation (in every sense), I am truly inspired by those who stand aside from others, and it is my belief, that I do just that. " How humble of this amazing Fashionista.

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What do you dolls think of Jacqueline ?

Jacqueline’s fashion sense embodies true art. That’s what her style is ...Walking Art.
— Celebrit Wardrobe Stylist , EIC, Pilar Scratch

Fashion Gxd Fashionista "Seun Ajayi"

Written By Samantha Cee

Our InstaStyle, Fashion Gxd Fashionista is Seun Ajayi of Seun  resides in NJ, but grew up in Brooklyn , New York . Her fashion is  inspired by Various Cultures, weather, and editorial magazines she states that she is Not really into trends, rather classic timeless pieces that can translate into any modern day environment! Drawing her inner fashion diva from her celebrity fashion inspiration JUNE AMBROSE , defining her as Chic x Dope. What makes Seun Ajayi a fashion Gxd: "You never know who you're going to meet, or who you could've met based on what you are wearing, therefore I'm always ready for the occasion! Let fashion take me to wear I need to go! "

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What do you guys think of our Garden State Fashionista?

Seun Ajayi fashion is very classic chic. She defines simplicity but she isn’t afraid to add a edgy twist to her style
— Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist , EIC , Pilar Scratch