Fashion Gxd Fashionista " Lynette-LaShawn"

Written By: Samantha Cee

Today our InstaStyle Fashionista , is Lynette-Lashawn, the owner of Boutique Off The Hanger
From Newark, New Jersey her fashion is inspired by various fashionable eras, people, places & things. When she went to Paris she was inspired by the landmark, the people. When she's in New York or New Jerseyshe's inspired by the culutre, street stylers, etc. In essence, her  inspiration can come from anything, anywhere any time.  Lynette is  overly obsessed with distressed boyfriend fitted jeans/shorts or bermudas. In Her opinion They are perfect to go with just about anything but she loves pairing them with a funky blazer be it vintage or contemporary with a sexy pump or sandal. That for me her chicly stylish. 
Lynett's celebrity style crush is Solange . She love's everything about Solange's style. She pushes the envelope . Lynette   think's fashion is all about doing that, breaking rules and being comfortable in a style that's uniquely you. Fashion to lynette  is about being able to mix, match and blend various fashionable eras with mass market and high end pieces. Having the ability to integrate looks from stores like H&M, Zara's, Forever 21, Century 21 with other pieces scored at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth and putting them together to create your own unique style makes her a true Fashion GXD. 

Instagram: BoutiqueOffTheHanger

What do you dolls think of our Fashionista ?

I personally love Lynette-Lashawn style its very edgy chic.... She a Paris girl in New Jersey .
— Celebrity Wardobe Stylist , EIC, Pilar Scratch