Fashion Gxd Fashionista " Dana Cash "

Written By: Samantha Cee

Our Fashion Gxd , InstaFashionista is Dana Cash from  NYC. her  fashion timelessly is inspired by her grandmother, a seamstress for over 35 years. Fashion has always been a way for her to expresses her ideas, meanwhile captivate the looks and minds of others. Every time she  walks the NYC streets the fashion she see's is evolving and recycling, styling all her looks she thinks of is as an art project everyday. Dana Cash favorite fashion trends today are all recycling from the 90’s. Anything denim is her favorite , the versatility of denim skirts, shirts and jeans is endless. Doc Martens have finally made a comeback, any skater dress she wears needs her doc martens. Every girl needs a pair of mules, specifically a heel mule is essential for any night she states . 

The celebrity who inspires her fashion is Solange Knowles. From bold prints to captivating colors, Solange is never scared to take risks. she admires her fashion because she is always trying something different from suits to bold printed dresses. Her fashion and hair always keeps Dana Cash intrigued. what makes Dana Cash  “Fashion GXD” is her ability to take risks with fashion and still produce stylish results. Also, she  has used her growing fashion platform to highlight a prominent issue is society, domestic violence. her platform has allowed her to open the eyes of my fans and supporters. Fashion is multidimensional and everything from my styling, creating looks and social activism is everything that makes Dana cash a  FASHION GXD. 

I love Dana Cash , her movement and what she stands for . Merging fashion with a positive casue is always amazing in my book.
— Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist , EIC, Pilar Scratch

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Fashion Gxd Fashionista "London Nikkole"

Written By : Samantha Cee

Our InstaStyle , Fashion Gxd Fashionista is London Nikkole of Brooklyn, NY . London Nikkole is self-proclaimed she is  addicted to the glamour. The need to be in the presence of wonderful clothing like Rachel Zoe or the addiction to shoes like Sarah Jessica Parker as Carry Bradshaw; is what feeds her fashion sense. Whether it's bright or bold, fur or embellished; her  goal is to always leave an imprint. With Rihanna's daring style, she inspired to break all fashion rules, be bold, add basics, accessorize your life, multiplied by a statement piece, divided by herself. which makes her our bold & daring Fashion GXD Fashionista pick.
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London Nikkole ‘s look is very edgy. She completely embodies the vision of a New York Fashionista. Love it.
— Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist , EIC , Pilar Scratch

Fashion Gxd Fashionista " Liz H."

Written By :Samantha Cee

Our Fashion Gxd Fashionista of the day is Liz H. of California, U.S. Liz fashion is inspired by everything: Art, music, love, people, places and daydreams. Creativity is her driving force and she loves to play with color, texture and print mixing.


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Liz H. , Stlye is amazing . I am immensely captivated with her color schemes and pattern assortments. It Works.
— Celebrity Wardobe Stylist , EIC, Pilar Scratch