Fashion Gxd Fashionista "Chanel Adams"

Written By :Samantha Cee

Our InstaFashion , Fashion Gxd is Chanel Adam's Known as The Glam Maverick from  Brooklyn, New York City. Her fashion is inspired by no one in particular. Chanel likes to challenge herself when dressing up by putting pieces together that people wouldn't think can match and proving them wrong. She is in  love anything Sequins. And she  also love prints and mixing prints. This Glam Star is in Love Rihanna's style. She knows how and when to dress up or down, as well as combine dressing up and down. Like herself.  Chanel is  a Fashion GXD because she like what everybody else doesn't like. This makes her style unique and happy with a touch of Urban Classy. 

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Instagram: @TheGlammaverickpr

What are your thoughts on our Brooklyn Native?

I’ve been following Chanel on Instagram for a while . Her bold fashion statements captured my eye .She’s one of my secret go two fashion Instagram’s .
— Celebrity Wardobe Stylist, EIC , Pilar Scratch

Fashion Gxd Fashionista "London Nikkole"

Written By : Samantha Cee

Our InstaStyle , Fashion Gxd Fashionista is London Nikkole of Brooklyn, NY . London Nikkole is self-proclaimed she is  addicted to the glamour. The need to be in the presence of wonderful clothing like Rachel Zoe or the addiction to shoes like Sarah Jessica Parker as Carry Bradshaw; is what feeds her fashion sense. Whether it's bright or bold, fur or embellished; her  goal is to always leave an imprint. With Rihanna's daring style, she inspired to break all fashion rules, be bold, add basics, accessorize your life, multiplied by a statement piece, divided by herself. which makes her our bold & daring Fashion GXD Fashionista pick.
What's your views on our concrete Jungle Fashionista?

Follow her Instagram : @vanityvine

London Nikkole ‘s look is very edgy. She completely embodies the vision of a New York Fashionista. Love it.
— Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist , EIC , Pilar Scratch