Fashion Gxd Fashionista "Jasmine Johnson-Decosta "

Written By : Amy Hines

Our Fashion Gxd Fashionista of the Day is the vastly fabulous Jasmine Johnson-Decosta Palm Harbor, Florida owner of STEEL AND STILETTOS FITNESS™ which is a fusion fitness program with a unique blend of body resistance training of low impact cardio , and a whole lot of SEXY !!!!!!! Steel and Stilettos instructors and participants are encouraged to attend class in the fashion style that allows them to feel their absolute sexiest, while being completely unrestricted in movement.

As the developer and instructor of Steel and stilettos fitness, Jasmine enjoys dressing up in a more Bad Girl- dominatrix style for class. Jasmine has unearthed accessories to pull this off and still be able to work out safely! It helps her really get into the strength aspect of the class and work the whips! With a Keen Eye for Fashion Jasmine adores Fashion icon Rihanna and her music Stating " Rhianna's music and overall style would be my celebrity fashion Icon for Steel and Stilettos! "

Keeping up with this Fashion CEO Follow her instagram @jetsettingjasmine and Get more information on @SteelandStilettosFitness.

Fashion and Fitness Go hand in hand that’s why it was an a amazing idea to feature this amazing brand Steel and Stilettos . Jasmine is the epitome of amazing
— Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist , EIC , Pilar Scratch
Images Provided By Jasmine Johnson-Decosta

Images Provided By Jasmine Johnson-Decosta