Fashion Gxd Fashionista "Kamire Funn"

Written By: Samantha Cee

Our InstaStyle Fashionista is Kamire Funn from Brooklyn, NY . Kamire is inspired by the glam of Celebrity street style . Kamire  like's to follow celebrity stylist and manufacture her  own celebrity  inspired style. Her Biggest dream  is to become a Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist. Kamire's favorite   fashion trends are lots and lots of arm candy and accessories like body chains anything that enhance an outfit and makes it your own. Another trend that is Kamire favorite are gladiator shoes sandals, boots etc. because the style enhances any basic outfit and makes it unique. lastly ,  she fancies  midi skirts she  loves the way they contour a women's body and adds a sense of quality to an outfit.

Like the fashion Gxd , she is Kamire's  favorite celebrity style is Rihanna she love's  the way she can literally wear anything and make it work.  When asked What makes Kamire a fashion Gxd she states : "When your good at something you tell everyone when your great at something they tell you. I have built a fan base of people who genuinely love my style and support my work. Which I feel makes me a fashion Gxd my time is coming. "

What do you think of our Fashion Gxd Fashionista @killastyle ???

I love Kamire Style She always looks like she just sat front row at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.
— Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist , EIC, Pilar Scratch