Stevie J "Leave It To Stevie & His Empire " Cover Fashion Gxd Magazine January / Febuary 2017

By :Novia Rose

The good guy is back and ready to take over, on his own terms!! Stevie J is ruling with reality television as he lets viewers into the softer side of his hectic life. In addition to Executive Producing 'Leave it To Stevie' and its success, his first love will always be the top priority. 

The MUSIC! Stevie let's FG into his upcoming projects, his current relationship status with Joseline Hernandez, Faith Evans, his Fashion GXD tips and much more

Step into his world..... 

Photography By : Notorious photos (Nez) // Makeup Nydia Figueroa //Wardrobe :Kadear

Photography By : Notorious photos (Nez) // Makeup Nydia Figueroa //Wardrobe :Kadear


Novia Rose: Stevie! You have a lot going on! Where do we start?

Stevie J: " A lot going on, 'Leave It To Stevie" , 9pm, every Monday, number 2 show for VH1, I'm the Executive Producer and all that, you know….

NR: What has been the biggest difference between LHHATL and 'Leave It To Stevie' for you ?

SJ: "The biggest difference is I don’t have to dodge no drinks, I don’t have to worry about women screaming and hollering & all that. I can just focus on being light heartedand funny, dealing with my children, performing in Country Western Bars and being happy."

NR: So would you say that viewers are finally seeing the real Stevie?

SJ: "Absolutely, there's different colors to the spectrum, and this is just a few more colors of Stevie J.

NR: Got you! Lets talk about the music! What have you been working on?

SJ: " Music wise, I just finished the "King & I" album with Faith Evans, I'm excited about all her music. I'm excited about working with Keyshia Cole, Teyana Taylor, Kelly Price, I'm finishing off my project. As well as my artist that I manage, Candice Boyd, she's going on tour with Rho James on February 2nd."

NR: Faith….

SJ: "All I can say about Faith is that we've been friends for over 25 years, I love her, I'll here for anything she wants, whatever she needs I'm there."

NR: What is your current relationship with Joseline and how are things with Baby Bonnie?

SJ: " Joseline and I are doing great co -parenting and that’s an awesome thing. I don’t want tobe going back and forth to court, that’s why I dropped the defamation suit. I just want to focus on making sure our baby is healthy and happy & has everything she desires."

NR: Now that your officially a Fashion GXD, what are Stevie's dos and don'ts when it comes to menswear?

SJ: "My Fashion dos and don'ts for men? No, blouses, no dresses. We wear button ups. I got sons, I don’t want to see my sons in blouses. …..& always be as fly as possible, you never know who's looking, somebody is ALWAYS looking, you know."

While the fellas are taking those notes, Stevie also shared his thoughts on the new President of the United States….

SJ: "I don’t care who the President is, I'm going to get the money to provide for my family regardless".

An understatement to be exact. Stevie has a sports nutrition company in the works along with his 'Danger Zone' Pre Workout which is currently available on Amazon and!


Be sure to keep up with all things Stevie J and tune into 'Leave It To Stevie', Mondays Nights at 9pm on VH1!