Melanie J Mixson For Fashion Gxd Magazine

Written by : Angela Winters 


This week we got an exclusive interview with the rising star , Melanie J. Mixson . She has a award from kids fashion runway show, student of the month, school citizen award Take a look at our exclusive interview with Melanie  below :


Melanie J. Mixson 

"Slaying the runway one show at a time "

Facebook: MelanieJ-CynthiaJ /// Instagram : @cynthiajay33

Model Name: Melanie J Mixson
Parent Name:Cynthia J Euceda
Child's Age: 7

Fashion Gxd Magazine :How Long has Your Child been modeling ? Cynthia has been modeling for 2 years.
Fashion Gxd Magazine List any credential's your child has : dancer,actress,models,leader

Fashion Gxd Magazine : What inspired your child ? Seeing her family members modeling ,dancing etc

Fashion Gxd Magazine: How would you describe your child's personality ? Very social , super friendly and not shy at all

Fashion Gxd Magazine :What are some quotes Regarding Equality? We can not all succeed when half of us are held back. Until you treat everyone as an equal, you have no right to complain about the treatment you receive from anyone.

Fashion Gxd Magazine :Where do you see your Child in five years ? Five years from now i see my daughter as a huge super star encouraging kids ,modeling ,acting,dancing and having her own clothing and accessories brand

Fashion Gxd Magazine : What Does Your child do for fun ? Sing,dance and plays teacher