Fashion Gxd Magazine Present's "Fab mom" Lee Whetstone

Written By Samantha Cee

Fashion Gxd Magazine Fab Mom Dapper Dad is back in full swing of things. We bring you inspiring mothers and fathers whom are walking in there purpose while raising a mini mogul there child . This feature we bring you Lee Whetstone . Lee is the Owner of the phenomenal Leading With Lee Magazine . Which highlights amazing entrepreneurs and all of Lee's momtrpenuer endeavors .

Fashion Gxd Magazine : What makes you a fab mom?

Lee Whetstone : I believe I am a great first time mom because of the caring and nurturing nature that was embedded in me before I became a mom. I am the eldest of seven sisters and three brothers and have been a strong Leader and caregiver in my family and community for a very long time. My daughter is such a blessing to me and I get so excited to be her role model and the positive leader she needs. 


To me being a great mom is to be a protector, nurturer, teacher, superhero, and learner. I believe I am all of those things and more. I am not perfect but I am perfect for this assignment that has been given to me....and that is being a mom to my soon to be eighth month old princess. It can be challenging at times especially since I am a MOMPRENEUR now. Building a business and raising a child has definitely made me put on my big girl pants and multi task to the best of my ability while also becoming stronger and resilient as a woman. 


All in all, I wouldn't trade her for the world. She is my heart beat in human form and I am being the best woman and mom I can be for my "little mama."



We Salute you Queen !!!