Fashion Gxd Magazine Present's "Fab Mom " with Deondra Travis and Daughter D'Aire Ashford

Written By Samantha Cee

Fashion Gxd Magazine Fab Mom Dapper Dad is back in full swing of things. We bring you inspiring mothers and fathers whom are walking in there purpose while raising a mini mogul there child . This feature we bring you Deondra Travis and daughter,  D'Arie Ashford . 

Fashion Gxd Magazine : Why are you a Fab mom ?

Photo of  Deondra Travis and daughter,  D'Arie Ashford

Photo of Deondra Travis and daughter,  D'Arie Ashford

Deondra Travis : " I'm a great mother I had my daughter at the age of seventeen, graduated from high school while balancing her and two jobs to take care of her and I. It was a shock to my family and I because everyone thought of me to be the girl that will graduate and go straight to UCF without any problems. There was also a time where I thought I was gonna loose her while I was pregnant. We both have been through a lot but through it all I love my baby girl and I pushed through every obstacle that's been thrown at me so far! Before I had my daughter I loved modeling. This would be a great opportunity for me to keep influencing teen moms to build they're confidence get back to school and push and also for me to get back in front of the camera with my little one! Now I'm going to college in January to become a sports physical therapist! Now I'm on the go to make a bright future for us both ! "

WE Salute You Queen !!!!!