Fashion Gxd Magazine Present's Fab Mom with Bianca M. williams

Written By Samantha Cee

Fashion Gxd Magazine Fab Mom Dapper Dad is back in full swing of things. We bring you inspiring mothers and fathers whom are walking in there purpose while raising a mini mogul there child . This feature we bring you Bianca M. Williams. Biancastars and co- hosts Pretty, Styled & Beautiful, a video series on Youtube which highlights and explores beauty, fashion, and "the world of glamefication." Bianca is also the owner and founder of B Pretty inc, B Pretty Lashes and Specialty Salon B Pretty Glam Factory. 

Bianca M. Willams was born on May 10th in Brooklyn, New York. This business-driven wife and mother of one became an entrepreneur in 2013. Bianca continues to operate B. Pretty Inc, Catch my Lash Classes and The Power and How to Put the Yes before the No Seminars, working with individuals all over the world. 

Early Days

Bianca was born on May 10th, in Brooklyn, New York. Her rise in the business world began at an early age, as she embarked upon an entrepreneurial path after graduating high school. Bianca’s journey began when she decided to start learning business from the inside out by working as a manager at an insurance firm for several years.

Bianca began to close more and more accounts at the insurance firm and decided that with her key attributed customer service, business savviness and key contacts she could begin to build her own legacy by returning to her initial passion for sewing.

Bianca began to use her sewing as a platform to gain insight into the industry. As a result, she created B. Pretty Inc: a plus-size fashion line which has established itsself as a fine purveyor of plus-size clothing. “I wanted to create something that was special,” Bianca notes, “something for everyone.” Creating looks for legends such as Roxanne Shante and more, Bianca has used her platform to gain access into the beauty world as well. She went on to create B Pretty Lashes in 2014, which is a Pure 100% Human Hair Eyelash Line, which quickly parlayed her as a media celebrity simultaneously becoming a positive vessel to promote the success of moms and other individuals. She strives to have a positive impact on other's lives by embracing and understanding the value of putting the yes before the no. Accompanied by her commitment to being a role model, Bianca drew national attention with her tireless commitment to her foundation: The Successful Teen Mom. 

The Birth of an Entrepreneur

Bianca's philanthropic ventures and brand continued to flourish as she later focused her energy on pursuing her entrepreneurial dreams. She opened B Pretty Glam Factory LLC, started seminars teaching individuals how to accept their blessings, rather than push them away, and is currently working on publishing her book.

Beginning with plus-size ensembles, Bianca, who has been featured in the national publication Hip Hop Weekly (3x), cites fashion as her lifelong passion. She is now evolving into eyelashes to bring out the natural ocular beauty of the wearer in a product that is comfortable, even with extended wear. “I wanted to preserve that natural look,” says the designer, “while keeping it comfortable all day long.” The fit and craftsmanship of her work soon gained Bianca and B. Pretty a prominent seat at the industry table. Fashion shows beckoned, most recently at Black Rock’s Beauty For All extravaganza in Bridgeport, Connecticut and Runway The Realway at New York City’s plush Yotel. After being a product sponsor at the 3rd Female Hip Hop Honor Awards, Bianca is now ready to be a household name in the business of lashes and celebrity designs. Building her brand and throwing Lash parties all over the East Coast, is the next level for this designer who has been spotted with the likes of comedienne, actress, author and talk show host Whoopi Goldberg, CEO of multi-media entertainment company Monami Mona Scott Young, Bravo’s Fashion Queens star Derek J, VH1’s Love & Hip Hop star Tahiry Jose, VH1’s Mob Wives Ramona Rizzo, Hip Hop Legend Roxanne Shante and more. With such company and work ethic, the sky’s the limit for this talented young lady. 

Mother, television personality, businesswoman, socialite, soon to be published author, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Bianca continues to show the world why she is such a modern day phenomenon and has no plans of stopping. Her passion for defining opportunities, building a brand, happiness, service, family, business mogul and entrepreneur talents she continues to drive every aspect of her brand.  

Fahsion Gxd Magazine : Why are you a Fab mother ?

Bianca M Williams: "Being a  mom is one of the most special, electrifying, and most awarding experiences in life.  I,  am the epitome of a phenomenal mom.I became a mom at a very early age, but was determined not to let that stop me. On November 18, 2004 at the very young age of 16 , I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Brianna. From the moment I gave birth I began to plan and figure out the best possible way to raise Brianna.   Prior to giving birth Bianca attended a pregnant school for teens so she could get Daycare for her little one, and once she gave birth she would go back to her regular school where she would resume her junior year AP classes. As she began bringing her daughter to the daycare the teachers started to notice her maturity and drive, they then told her of the adult school upstairs that was looking to hire a librarian. So I proceeded to meet with the director of the school, even though i hadn't had much experience, but during the meeting I made sure to expand on my eager ness to learn and do everything to the best of my ability. I was hired for the job, even though it didn't pay much and i did not get that many hours because i was in school so you were only allowed 20hrs a week, it was a city job which would give me a lot of experience. The teachers at the daycare are so happy for me they let me keep my daughter their while I went to school and worked, i would see her on my lunch breaks and small breaks. Brianna and I had our routine Mon- Thursday we had 14 hr days, out the house by 7:30am for school, work from 3-9pm and home by 9:30pm. At the time prior to me getting pregnant i was working at McDonalds I kept that job on the weekend at least dedication 12 hrs a week to that.  A year and a half later I graduated High School 5th in my class and a B+ average.  

 I went on to attend LAGCC to pursue a degree in mortuary Science. My third semester in I had to take Public Speaking classes which i received all A's in so I then knew my niche was to help those alive. So i With my major to media studies and also enrolled in to beauty school because hair was something I was always passionate about. So as always i am on double duty i contracted a plan. Beauty School was a 10 month program if you did it in the am MON - FRI from 9-5. At this point my contract as a librarian was up so i decided I would continue to work at Mcdonalds because one of my friends was the GM so she would always help me out with my schedule. So I decided that I would attend beauty school by day but aims o fish sooner than 10 months and attend LAGCC at night and work the weekends. So i attended beauty school from 9am and then my night classes would begin some days at 6 and others at 7:30pm, so I decided i would say that extra 1 each day to add to my time. Went to empire from 9-6 , Lagcc from 630-10 and worked at McDonalds sat and sun. So I finishedBeauty School in 6 months. 

With my drive and beautiful baby growing I wanted more for us, so i applied for a job at an insurance firm and i took all the necessary test and got the job, i was now 22 yrs od of age and making six figures more than i could imagine. I made manager in no time and made the company million of dollars with accounts. 3 years in i decided that i needed to focus on building my own legacy. I began B Pretty Inc with is Curvy woman Custom Apparel. It started off very slow but began to grow ,and I never stopped and looked back. This investment,  time and energy was worth it all because my beauty Brianna would benefit from the hard work and understand the meaning of it all will pay off. I decided long ago to " Always put the yes before the NO." "

We Salute you queen!!!!