Fashion Gxd Magazine Present's Fab Mom , Fushsia

Written By Samantha Cee

Fashion Gxd Magazine Fab Mom Dapper Dad is back in full swing of things. We bring you inspiring mothers and fathers whom are walking in there purpose while raising a mini mogul there child . This feature we bring you Fushsia.

Fashion Gxd Magazine : Why are you a Fab mother ?

Fushsia: " I am the mother of two amazing children. I put a hold on my modeling career to focus on school two years ago so that I can give my son a better life. In the process I gave birth to my beautiful grey eyed baby girl, and continued with my schooling. I will be graduating in 2 months with a degree in Respiratory Therapy. I never took a break from school while pregnant (or even while I was in labor) because I was determined to finish school on time. I was also determined to show my son that it can be done. I never want him to feel like a good life is only something you see on t.v.... I will setup not only a life but a future for my children. My ultimate goal is to leave behind a legacy,that's why I'm a great mother."

We Salute you Queen !!!