Fashion Gxd Magazine Present's Fab Mom, Ebony Chavis

written By : Samantha CEE

Fashion Gxd Magazine Fab Mom Dapper Dad is back in full swing of things. We bring you inspiring mothers and fathers whom are walking in there purpose while raising a mini mogul there child . This feature we bring you Ebony Chavis and her Son , Aaron.

Fashion Gxd Magazine : Why are you a fab mother ?

Ebony Chavis : "God has blessed me with a baby boy. My son is 7months and I'm 24. This is one of the best accomplishment I have done. I lost my dad at the age of 2 and my step father at the age of 23. God only gave me a short term with the most important men a woman can look up to. Now I have my own to raise. "

Ebony and Aaron

Ebony and Aaron

We Salute you Queen