Fashion Gxd Magazine present Fab Mother Cathern Dannille

Written by Samantha Cee

Fashion Gxd Magazine Fab Mom Dapper Dad is back in full swing of things. We bring you inspiring mothers and fathers whom are walking in there purpose while raising a mini mogul there child . This feature we bring you Cathern Dannille

Fashion Gxd Magazine : Why are you a Fab Mother :

Cathern Dannille : "To me a great mom is one who puts her child(ren)first, strives daily to make sure their needs are taken care of, instills values, morals and self confidence in her child(ren) and these are things i make it my business to do. My daughters name is Taylor Amor and she is truly the love of my life. Being her mom has made me discover a strength that I didn't know I had. I am a better person because of her. She is my legacy! Our favorite moments together are our where ever whenever dance breaks and working out together."

We Salute you Queen

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