Saulte !! Fashion Gxd Fab Mom Britney

Written By :Samantha Cee

Our Fashion Gxd Magazine Fab Mom today is the fabulous mom and daughter duo Britney & daughter Brooke based out of Washington DC/ Maryland . Once looking at all the adorable selfie's of the queen and princess you cant help but not to fall in love with their bond.

Britney is a mother of resilience.  Being a mother at a young age you often find yourself up against more than you could imagine. furthermore being a young single mom your hit with the questions and opinions of the world.  However despite it all Britney is   focused.  (Putting God first of course) nothing comes before her  daughter , Princess Brooke !  Britney is  very liberal in her parenting tactics.  Princess Brooke is Britney's best friend .....they talk  about everything!   the secret to Britney's parenting comes with the  theory to raise her in such a way that if anything should happen to me she'll be equipped enough to stand for herself with little to no dependability on others . ...

When Fashion Gxd Magazine asked Britney about Brooke's Fashion inspiration she quoted "Brooke's fashion inspiration I would have to say comes from a combination of idolizing me and listening to what I instill in her which is #liveoutloud... I let her pick out her clothes most days even if it doesn't make sense to me, I let her express herself because I think it's important that she wont be easily swayed into the ways of the world. She will already have found some sort of self identity.  I tell her all the time it's ok to be different and not to want things just because other people have them, want them because you want them based on your own wants and desires."

The best part about being a mom to Britney  is learning through encounters .  Britney tell people if you have self issues don't have children because you will be forced to deal with you.  Britney loves that's she's so full of personality and outgoing already!  The bitter-sweet part is watching her grow.  Seldom do we realize how much we learn from being connect with our children.  She makes me better effortlessly

Queen Britney We Salute You and Princess Brooke . 

I selected Britney because she reminds me a lot of myself being self-sufficient strong single mother. I adore Britney for that . She’s a queen and is raising a queen .
— Celebrit Wardrobe Stylist ,EIC, Pilar Scratch